How To Transfer 50GB File? Send It Faster

How To Transfer 50GB File

A 50 GB file is huge in the case of sending the file with anyone else. However, if you’re serious about knowing how to transfer 50GB files for free or by paying a little money, keep reading!

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How To Transfer 50GB File?

Since your primary intention is to send a 50 GB file with anyone else, you can go with it multiple ways. 

These are the following ways: 

  • Use a file-sharing website: There are many websites that allow you to upload and share large files, such as WeTransfer, FileSend, and FileSonic.
  • Use a cloud storage service: Cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, allowing you to upload and store files online.
  • Use a USB flash drive: If you have a USB flash drive with enough storage space, you can copy the file to the drive and then plug it into the PC/laptop you desire to move the file to.
  • Use an external hard drive: External hard drives are another option for transferring large files. You can connect the hard drive to your computer via USB and then copy the file to the drive.

As you can see, multiple options can be used to send your large file. However, if you pick a file-sharing platform such as Wetransfer, FIlemail, or Filesend, and want to use their free version, you might face some space limitation issues. 

On the other hand, if you want to use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, you’ll also face space issue as Google Drive only offer a maximum space of 15GB for free. 

in opposition, If you have a flash USB that has a capacity of storing file size over 50 GB, you’ll be able to transfer your 50 GB file with anyone locally. 

An external hard drive will also play a vital role in helping you to transfer a 50GB file if the hard drive can store file sizes over 50GB. 

Which Is The Better To Send A 50GB File?

The better one will depend on your needs. For example, if you want to transfer the 50GB file with someone who is enough away from you, using a flash USB or a hard drive will not be an ideal way. 

Because these options are only good for people who want to transfer files locally, meaning your recipient will need to be with you to receive the file. 

If your recipient is with you, you’ll still have to make sure that the device you’re going to use has a minimum capacity of storing 50-55GB of files. 

If you want to purchase a flash USB or hard drive for the task, this might be an expensive job. Better you find a device from your family members or friends, and after completing the job, give the device back!

Using Cloud Service To Transfer a 50GB File

Cloud services are the power in this age as they offer the fastest and most secure data storing and transfer facility at a reasonable cost. 

In the case of transferring a 50GB file, there is no cloud service provider that offers that amount of space. Even the world’s largest and freshest platform named Google Drive offers 15GB of space for free. 

You must upgrade the free plan to paid plan to transfer your desired file size. You can see all the plans for Google Drive and go with the upgraded version. 

How is a File Sharing Website? 

File-sharing websites are good at this but they also have limitations if you’re going to use their free plans. 

According to my research, Filemail let the free users upload a 5GB file and share it with another person. 

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The good news is that you can use their pro plan for the job. The pro plan offers a 250 GB file transferring capacity and a 1TB file storing facility, and the cost will only be $12 per month!

If you’re not interested in using Filemail for the task, you have another option to go. Wetransfer can save a little bit of money for this as they have a pro plan that you can buy at only $10. 

The plan includes a 200Gb file transferring capacity and a 1TB file saving facility. I don’t suggest using the premium plan to send a 50GB file as the pro plan will be enough!

Benefits Of Using Cloud Service To Send A 50 Gb File

There are many benefits of using cloud services to send a 50 GB file. For starters, it is a very convenient way to send large files. 

You don’t have to worry about email attachments or file size limits. Secondly, it is a very secure way to send files. You can password-protect your files and set expiration dates. 

Lastly, it is a very cost-effective way to send files. You can save on storage and bandwidth costs by using cloud services.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using A Hard Drive Or Pendrive To Send A 50GB File

When it comes to sending large files, there are a few different options available. One popular option is to use a hard drive or USB flash drive. 

There are a few benefits to using this method, but there are also some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

The Benefits:

The primary benefit of using a hard drive or USB flash drive is that it is a very fast way to send a large file. 

This is because the file does not have to be uploaded to a server or downloaded by the receiver. 

All they need to do is plug in the hard drive or flash drive and they will have access to the file.

Another benefit is that it is a very secure way to send a file. There is no need to worry about the file being intercepted or hacked while it is in transit. As long as the hard drive or flash drive is not lost or stolen, the file will be safe.

The Drawbacks:

One of the main drawbacks of using a hard drive or USB flash drive is that it is not a very reliable way to send a file. 

This is because there is a chance that the hard drive or flash drive could fail, which would result in the file being lost.

Another drawback is that it can be difficult to keep track of who has a copy of the file.

If you need to send the file to multiple people, you will need to make sure that each person receives their own copy. This can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Overall, using a hard drive or USB flash drive is a fast and secure way to send a large file. However, The transfer must be in your room or an area as you’ll be required to plug the device with your computer or laptop.

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The final message:

I hope the guide on How To Transfer a 50GB File helped you find some possible ways to send that file!

I personally prefer using Google Drive. You can simply upgrade the free version to paid version to get more space and share that 50GB file with your recipient!