How to Share Entire Google Drive With Someone?

How Do I Share My Entire Google Drive With Someone

Do you have multiple Google Drive accounts and need to share the entire content from one account to another account? 

If this is your question, you may ask the same question, how do I share my entire Google Drive with someone?

Sharing the entire Google Drive with someone or another account can be easily done manually. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the top four methods to send your whole Drive’s content to another Gmail or person within a short time. 

How Do I Share My Entire Google Drive With Someone?

As mentioned, we can follow multiple ways to share the complete GD with someone else. The methods are: 

  1. Using a third-party extension and the shareable link.
  2. Using the direct link.
  3. Sharing the Gmail address. 
  4. Downloading the entire content and uploading them into another account. 

All the methods will work perfectly if you follow our step-by-step article on sharing the complete data on Google Drive with someone. 

Let’s start with the easiest one:

Method 01: Share the Entire Google Drive Content With Another Gmail

This is the most common and easiest way to share entire data with anyone who uses Google Drive. 

You’ll need to install a third-party web extension for your Drive account. The extension will allow you to create links to share all the content based on your needs. 

Step #1: You can install the extension from the Web Store or directly from the Drive’s Popup extension installing page. 

To install the extension, click on this link. It will redirect you to the web store. Look at the “Add to Chrome” button and click on it. 

How do I share my Google Drive with another account
How do I share my Google Drive with another account

Step #2: Wait a few moments to let the system successfully install the extension on your browser. 

If you notice any issue while installing the extension from the Web Store, you can install the same extension from your Google Drive account. 

Since I have noticed an error while installing the extension from the web store, I recommend you install the extension from the account. 

Log into your account from a browser to install it from the Google Drive account. Right-click on your mouse, hover over the “More” option, and then the “Connect more apps” button. 

How do you share all Google Docs at once
How do you share all Google Docs at once

Click on it to open the extension installing page. Search for “Direct Link Creator For Drive.”

Can I give someone access to my Google Drive 3
Can I give someone access to my Google Drive 3

Step #3: click on the install button, and open the installing page. It will open a new window and ask you to continue.

Step #4: Once the extension is installed on your Google Drive account, you can now access the extension by right-clicking on the New button and then “More”> Direct Link Creator. 

How do I share a Google Drive folder without accessing it 7

Step #5: as soon as you click on the button, it will take you into a new tab and open a new page to select the files from your GD that you want to share with someone. 

how to share google drive link without access 8
how to share google drive link without access 8

Step #6: Once you click on the button to select files from your account, it will ask you to log into your right account to access your files. 

Step #7:  Follow the instructions and complete the login process carefully. After completing the process, the system will automatically take you to your Drive account. 

Image 10

You can select as many files or folders you want to share at once. The keyboard shortcut will work there. For example, if you want to select all the files in a particular folder, press the Ctrl + A button at once. 

I have selected some files using the third-party tool and opened the website as you’re seeing that the website helped me generate shareable links for the selected files and folders randomly. 

However, you have to click on the Share All and Get Direct Links button to generate the links. 

Image 11

Now I can easily share the links with anyone else. If you share links directly to your receiver, the links will act as direct download links, meaning the receiver can download the files without accessing any page. 

Once they copy and paste the links on their browser, the download of the files will start automatically.

In addition to getting the directly downloadable links from the page, you can also find other options to get the same links. For example, if you click on “Sharing URL,” the system will help you generate shareable links. 

If you send such links to your recipients, they can visit the Google Drive website and see the download link. 

The disadvantage of such a platform is there is no option to share the whole data with one single link. You need to select files or folders and then create links manually. 

However, if you’re searching for the easiest and hassle-free solution to share your entire Google Drive with someone, using the “Direct Link Creator For Drive” extension can perfectly help you. 

Method 02: Directly Share Entire Google Drive

Everyone knows this method. All you need to do is move all the files in one folder, create a shareable link, and send it to anyone else. 

For example, suppose you have 100 files and folders in your Drive account. You can move all the files into a single folder. 

Here’s a short guide on this: 

Step #1: Open a browser and log into your Drive account by clicking this link

Step #2: Create a new folder by right-clicking on the mouse. Move as many files or folders as you want to share with someone else in that folder. 

Step #3: Select all the files by pressing the Ctrl + A button and skip selecting the created folder by holding the Ctrl button and clicking on that folder. 

Step #4: After that, move the files into the new folder. Once you complete the moving part, right-click on the folder and hit the share button.

Image 12

Step #5: The system will show you a new popup box to enter your recipient’s email address. 

Image 13

Step #6: Type the Gmail address and send the invitation to access the folder from their browser. 

Google Drive also offers an instant solution to create a link to access the folder. Click on the “Get Link” text and copy the link to send your receiver. 

Image 14

Method 03: Share Your Gmail Address

It’s a risky method to share your Google Drive data with another person because of another person gets your Gmail access, they can do anything with your account. 

We’ll only recommend following this method if you trust the person. Giving a person full access to your Gmail address means you and another person will have the same power of using the same account. 

Note: if you have the two-step verification enabled with your Google account, your recipient may not be able to log into the Drive account directly. They will be asked to verify the account first. 

When the recipient tries to access the account, you’ll get a notification on your number or Gmail account. You can share the verification code or click on the verify link to let another person successfully log into the account. 

Once they successfully access the account, they can now create, download, delete, and upload files and folders on that account. 

Method 04: Download and Upload Files to Share Entire Google Drive With Someone.

Like the other methods shared in this guide on how do I share my entire Google Drive with someone, downloading the whole data from your account and uploading that content into another account can be a good solution. 

If you have enough space in your local computer or Pendrive to download and save the data, you can download and save the content on your local machine. 

Here’s how to download files and folders from Google Drive:

Step #1: log into your account from a browser like Google Chrome. 

Step #2: Select the folder you wish to download on your computer (You can also download the data on your mobile from the Drive app or via a browser following the same guide). 

Step #3: After selecting that folder, right-click on the mouse and hit the download button. It is good to know that Google Drive doesn’t allow its users to download anything directly. 

You have to wait until the system helps you to generate a zip file. As soon as the zip file is created, it will start downloading. The download time will depend on the net speed you’re currently using the full file size you’re downloading. 

After downloading the file, send the file to your receiver via PenDrive or a third-party website like wetransfer

Wetransfer is a great website to upload up to 2GB of files and share them with anyone else. There is no need to register on the website to get started.

Here’s how to use Wetransfer to transfer files or folders easily:

Step #1: Visit the website. You’ll see a box on the left side of the website. In the Email to the field, type the email address you want to send files to. 

In the “Your email” field, type your email address. Click on the “Upload Files” option to select files from your local computer. In the title box, enter the file’s name or anything else. 

In the message box, write the purpose of the task. If everything goes well, click on the transfer button. 

Image 15

Step #2: Once you click on the transfer button, you’ll need to verify your email address. A code will be sent to your email address. Check your inbox and type the code in the field. 

Image 16 and 17

Step #3: The system will show you how much time it will take to send the entire file to the mentioned email address. 

Image 18

Step #4: When the file sending process is complete, you’ll see a message like this image.

Image 19

How To Share Files On Google Drive On Android?

You can either use the Drive app on your phone or a browser to share files on Google Drive. No matter which method you use for the task, you can do the entire thing easily. 

  • Log into the Drive app. 
  • Select a folder and hold on to the folder to open a popup menu. 
  • Select the Share option from the menu. 
  • Add Email to send an invitation to access the folder or file or get a direct link from the page. 

Google Drive Sharing Permissions

There are primarily three types of Google Drive sharing permissions that you can use when sharing a file or folder with anyone else. 

  • Viewer: A user with such a role will only read and view the content.
  • Commenter: users can only read, view, and comment on a shared document.
  • Editor: People with this role can read, write, change, delete, and do everything in the document.

If I Share A Folder In Google Drive, Can They See My Other Folders?

Since you’re sharing a specific folder, there is no chance that the other person can access other folders except the shared folder. 

Remember: Are you still asking the same query? How do I share my entire Google Drive with someone? 

Read the complete guide again and know more than 4 methods of sharing complete data on your Drive account.