How To Send 3GB File Through Email – Free & Proven Methods

How To Send 3GB File Through Email

You’re using an email service from Gmail, and you can’t send a 3GB file through email, right? 

Then asking the question of how to send a 3GB file through email might be a normal query in your mind. 

In this post, I’m going to provide some solutions to overcome the issue and send more than 3GB files with the help of Email. 

In this post: 

  • Sending a 3GB file through email.
  • Send a 3GB file with the help of some alternative of Gmail.
  • Some tips and tricks to send large files online for free. 

Can I Send 3GB File Through Gmail?

Indeed, Google doesn’t allow users to send a file more than 25MB, so there is no chance to send a 3GB file via Gmail. 

However, if you’re familiar with Google Drive and know how to upload a file on Drive and insert the link of that file into your Gmail, you can easily send a 3GB file through email. 

Although most people looking for a guide on how to send a 3GB file through email without Google Drive, they should know that without getting help from Google Drive, there is no possible way to send that kind of large file via Gmail. 

On the other hand, if large file sharing only matters to you, and no matter what type of platform you use for the task, you can look for some alternative to Gmail and smoothly send a 3GB file online free. 

Let’s show you how to send a 3GB file through email with the help of Google Drive and then I will share some alternative methods to send such a large file for free. 

Send A 3GB File Via Email:

To get started, you need to have a valid Gmail address and also need to have your recipient Gmail address so that they can receive the mail and download the 3GB file. 

Step #1: Since you’ll not be able to upload a 3GB file directly to your Gmail attachment, the first thing you’ll need to do is go to and upload your desired file. 

Step #2: After visiting the Google Drive website, log into your account. Make sure you’re going to login with the Gmail that you’ll use to send the file with your recipient.

Step #3: After that, upload the file from your computer by clicking on the “Upload File” tab. 

how to send 3gb file through email
how to send 3gb file through email 1

Tips: Uploading the file in a specific folder will help you to find that file easily while selecting it from the Gmail attachment. So create a folder and then upload it.

Step #4: Since the file is 3GB, it will take a few moments to fully upload on your Drive. If your net speed is good, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. 

Step #5: After uploading it, go to to log into your Gmail. If you’re already using Gmail service on your selected browser, it will directly take you into your inbox. 

Step #6: Click on the “Compose” tab to open a new email sending window. Type the Gmail address you want to send the 3GB file, and also type the subject of the file.

Can I send 3gb file through Gmail
Can I send 3gb file through Gmail 2
How can you send large files through email
How can you send large files through email 3

Step #7: Look at the button options on the window, click on the “Drive” icon to insert the link of your uploaded 3GB file on Google Drive. 

How can I send a file that is too large
How can I send a file that is too large 4

Step #8: As soon as you click on the icon, the action will help you to open your Drive account on the same page. Select the uploaded 3GB file from there and click on the “Insert” button. 

What is the largest size file you can email
What is the largest size file you can email 5

Note: If you select the file as attachment, your recipient will be able to directly download the file, and selecting the file as Drive link means your recipient will need to open the file first and then download it. 

Now send the email and check the mail on the “Sent” tab whether it is perfectly sent or not.

Alternative ways to send a 3GB file online free in 2022

If you’re not satisfied with what I have already shared with you, you can keep your eyes on this section as I have shared some of the most popular and useful Gmail alternatives to send a 3GB or more file sharing platform. 

Gmail Alternative to Send a 3GB File:

  • Dropbox: A file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software for business and individuals.
  • OneDrive: A file hosting service that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite that offers free and paid services.
  • WeTransfer: You can send up to 2GB files at a time with your recipient for free of charge.
  • Filemail: A better option than WeTransfer that allows every user to send up to 5GB files for free.
  • iCloud: A file hosting service from Apple Inc. that offers cloud storage and synchronization for a variety of Apple products.
  • Box: A cloud content management and file sharing platform for organizations.

Why Use Gmail to Send Files?

Because Gmail is the most popular and widely used service powered by Google that is free and easy to use.

Since Gmail is a built-in app for every android phone, it’s becoming a part of our life due to its quick accessibility.

You can use the platform in a good way to send files to multiple people at the same time to save time.

But there are limits on the size of files that can be attached to an email. If you need to send a large file, there are a few different ways to do it. 

One of the most popular methods is to compress the file into a ZIP file, which can often reduce the file size by up to 90%. Another option is to use a file-sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Why Gmail Doesn’t Support More Than 25mb Email Attachment?

Gmail doesn’t support more than 25MB email attachment because it would be too large for most people’s inboxes. 

Gmail is designed to be a fast and efficient email service, and larger attachments would slow down the system. Additionally, large attachments are more likely to be blocked by spam filters.

Follow the last note when asking the question of how to send 3GB file through email: 

  • Make sure you have a good internet connected with your device while uploading the file on Google Drive and sending the email to your recipient.
  • If possible, try to compress your file before uploading on Drive. 
  • Don’t share a direct link of the file from your Drive.