How Does Hightail Work – The Entire Process

How Does Hightail Work

As a Hightail user or assuming you’re not a user, knowing how does Hightail works can help you to boost your knowledge of how an online-based file-sharing system works.

I will show you the process that follows Hightail to let their users share files, and also their workflow and earning methods.

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How Does Hightail Work?

Like other file-sharing platforms, Hightail also follows the same role in meeting the customer’s requirements.

  • Hightail lets users create an account on a free or paid plan.
  • After creating an account, users upload files or folders to share.
  • Finally, the users share the downloadable link with their recipients.

However, if you want to know the entire process of how Hightail works, you have to go deeper to know things.

Once a user wants to create an account and submit the request, the data goes to the Hightail server and store the data as a user.

After that, the registered user can log into the account with the right credential and they can start uploading files based on your account’s file-uploading limitation.

As soon as they start uploading, Hightail server starts grabbing the file and processing it for the next step.

That means the uploaded files or folders first go to the Hightail server to process to ready the data for the user’s recipient.

After successfully uploading the files, the running user can see a notification that let the user that the file-uploading process is completed.

The user now can view all the uploaded files on the dashboard, and at the same time, the user can click on the uploaded file to see and share it.

Hightail file sharing

There are mainly two sharing options available:

Ways to share file via Hightail

  • Share via a link
  • Share by typing the recipient’s email address and subject

Depending on your needs, you should select one method and complete the file-sharing process.

If you’re going to share a file with someone who is already connected with you on some social media or phone contact, you can easily copy the link and share it via social media.

On the other hand, if you only have the email address, you can select the second method to share the same file.

For the second method, you’ll need to have the right email address since the email address is a required field.

The downloadable link will be sent via email, and all the processes will be handled by Hightail’s automatic file-sending system.

Both of you, you and the recipient will get a mail from Hightail. As a sender, you will get an email that will confirm that the file has been sent successfully, and your recipient will get an email with all the details about the file and a downloadable link.

More About Hightail:

In addition to uploading files from your computer, Hightail also allows users to upload files from the most popular file-storing platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and even Microsoft OneDrive.

Even they allow synchronization features to make the process easier for small and large businesses.

On your uploaded files or folders, anyone who has the ability to access the folder can collaborate with you and your team members.

However, the advanced features are only available with the paid plans, and with the free version of Hightail, you can only do some basic things such as uploading and sharing files, and a few collaborating tasks with team members.

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At this age, you should ask how does Hightail work because the answer to this question can help you to learn how an online file-sharing workspace work.

This guide can help people who are highly interested in Hightail and want to try the service for their personal or commercial projects.