Hightail Vs WeTransfer – Which One Should I Use?

Hightail Vs WeTransfer

WeTransfer and Hightail are two of the most popular file-sharing platforms on the market, and that’s why people want to read a guide on Hightail Vs WeTransfer.

Since both offer a variety of features, people may face issues when picking the best platform for their actual needs.

Which one is the best for your needs? In this article, we’ll compare WeTransfer and Hightail to help you decide which platform is right for you.

Hightail Vs WeTransfer

FeaturesHightail WeTransfer
Numbers of Plans43
Free plan file-sharing capacity100 Max2GB Max
Pro Plan Price$12/MONTHUS$ 10/month
Pro Plan CapacityUpload files up to 25GB with Unlimited storageSend and receive up to 200 GB and get 1 TB of storage per person.
Premium Plan Price$24/USER/MONTHUS$ 19/month
Premium Plan CapacityUpload files up to 50GB with Unlimited storageNo size limit on transfers, and Unlimited storage
Business Plan$36/USER/MONTHNo Plan Found
Get With No AccountNoYes
Tracking FeatureWith Pro AccountWith All Accounts Types
Password ProtectionOnly With Pro PlansOnly With Pro Plans
Data encryptionYesYes
Real-Time discussionsOnly With Pro PlansOnly With Pro Plans

The above table will help you to get enough information about both platforms and if you see all the features, you can easily compare their features and find the best one for your requirements. 

Head-to-Head Comparison – Hightail Vs WeTransfer

WeTransfer offers a free basic plan with 2GB of storage, while Hightail only offers a free opportunity with 100MB file uploading capacity and 2GB file storing capacity.

If you need more than 2GB of storage, WeTransfer’s paid plans to start at $10/month for 200GB of storage, while Hightail’s paid plans to start at $12/month for 25GB of storage. 

Both platforms offer additional features like password protection and expiration dates for paid users. 

Hightail has an edge when it comes to filing security, as all files are encrypted in transit and at rest. WeTransfer only encrypts files in transit, so your files are not protected if their servers are hacked. 

However, both platforms allow you to set passwords and expiration dates for your files to control who can access them and when they expire.

Both WeTransfer and Hightail offer user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to upload and share files. 

However, Hightail’s interface is slightly more intuitive and includes a drag-and-drop feature that makes it even easier to add files. 

If you’re a person like me and want to test a system without creating an account, you may find Wetransfer very helpful because they allow users to share files without creating or sharing any personal data. 

We have seen that Hightail is one step ahead when it comes to offering more plans. Hightail offers 4 different plans Free, Pro, Team, and Business. 

From the list of plans, you can pick and go with any of them, and if you notice anything wrong with the current account, they will allow you to downgrade or upgrade the account type. 

However, WeTransfer offers 3 different plans, free, pro, and premium. All of these plans are very popular because the free plan allows users to upload and share 2GB of files with their recipient. 

On the other hand, you can only upload a 100MB file or folder in Hightail and share it with your recipient. 

This is a huge difference between their starter plans. With $24, you can upload files up to 50GB and share them with your team or recipient. 

On the other hand, WeTransfer will only charge $19 for the premium account, which includes unlimited storage, and there is no size limitation on transfers. 

Can you just imagine? 

If you compare just this difference, I know you’ll be surprised and want to use WeTransfer. 

Although Hightail has one more additional plan that offers an Advanced collaboration for your entire company. 

This plan is only suggested for a large company or team where sharing large files is required. If you’re a single user, don’t look at that plan now and try seeing other options. 

Hightail only allows users to track files with their pro account users. On the other hand, WeTransfer allows the same feature with all of their plans. 

Hightail Vs WeTransfer – Which One Is Good For Me?

In a general view, WeTransfer is much easier to use and at the same time, offers more features at no cost, Hightail, on the other hand, offers limited features with their free plan. 

So it’s clear that WeTransfer is today’s winner. However, if you want more advanced options when sharing files with a large team, we’ll suggest you use Hightail. 

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There are a lot of options out there for file sharing, but two of the most popular are Hightail and WeTransfer. Both have their pros and cons, so which one is the best for you? 

Reading this post on Hightail Vs WeTransfer should give you the proper view of their purpose and features for their users.

Hightail came to the market in 2004, and Wetransfer in December 2009, and Wetransfer knows what to offer and what not. 

After researching the market, they have tried to offer as many features as they can. And their contribution of making the process of sharing files valuable for internet users. 

Now it’s your time to pick the right one. However, in my research, it’s clear that both have tried to offer the best possible features. 

If you want to try their free version, you’re welcome because they have that option for the users, and if you’re satisfied with the free version, you always have the chance to upgrade the plan.