Why Is Hightail So Slow? Know The Reason & Solutions

Why Is Hightail So Slow

Like other online file-transferring tools, Hightail is also one of the best online-based file-sending and receiving platforms.

However, why is Hightail so slow? Is that issue caused by Hightail itself? Don’t make the question complicated.

Because this post is going to answer the question of why is the platform so slow when uploading and downloading a file.

Why Is Hightail So Slow? 

Why Is Hightail So Slow

This problem can be noticed when you actually use it for any task. For example, if you want to send a file via Hightail to any of your recipients, and notice this problem, it might waste your time.

But what’s the solution for this Hightail-slow issue?

Here are some common reasons behind this issue and after knowing them, you’ll get a list of solutions to fix the problem without going to another page else.

Reasons – Hightail is Slow

Nothing happens without reason, and this topic isn’t exceptional. Here are some points to consider when you notice Hightail is slow

Your Internet Issue is Slow

Believe it or not, this is the most common issue that can slow down your experience with Hightail.

First, know which internet you are currently using. Is it broadband or a mobile data plan?

If that was broadband, you should check the current speed of the site. After checking it, if you notice the speed is more than 1 MBps, it should help you to get the fastest speed at Hightail.

However, if the speed is less than 1MBps, you may face some difficulties when trying to upload a large file on Hightail.

Note: if you’re going to upload a large file and think that it will take a few moments, you’re wrong because a large file requires a long time and a good internet speed as well.

Solution: Try to see the speed of the internet. If you see the current speed is slower than your expectation, try to boost the speed by calling your ISP.

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A Problem With Your Browser

Which browser are you using to upload or download the file from Hightail? Sometimes browser makes some difficulties when users download or upload files from different servers.

If this could be the issue behind the problem, the best way would be to fix the issue is using another browser.

For instance, if the current browser is Google Chrome, the next browser should be either Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

A Problem With Firewalls

If you’re not an IT guy, you may think that this isn’t a problem. However, every IT guy knows that Firewalls can slow down the download or upload speed.

So if you haven’t found the exact reason behind the issue, you can turn off any additional software that you have already installed on your computer or network and check whether the speed issue is solved or not.

You’re Blocked

Are you using a business network or trying to use Hightail service from your office?

There is a chance that your office department has already blocked the Hightail service or reduced the downloading and uploading speed.

Solution: Ask the IT department to unblock the service or boost the speed. Otherwise, you have to another network to enjoy the best uploading and downloading speed from Hightail.

Final Word: 

The internet is full of solutions, while the same internet is considered full of problems.

You’re encountering a problem with Hightail, and asking why is Hightail so slow doesn’t mean you’re out of solutions, rather, you’re free to learn the complete solution on this topic from this post.

The most common issue can be with your internet speed. So check the speed from any speed checkers online tool such as speedtest.net or fast.com, and then try again.

If that doesn’t work for you, read the rest of the problem and find a solution based on my research.