How To Make A Copy Of A Folder In Google Drive?

How To Make A Copy Of A Folder In Google Drive

Undoubtedly, Currently, nothing is better than Google Drive when storing files online. So knowing how to make a copy of a folder in Google Drive is essential for every beginner. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover a detailed article on how to do that by following multiple methods. 

Let’s get started! 

How To Make A Copy Of A Folder In Google Drive?

There is no shortcut way to copy a folder in Google Drive since there is no built-in feature to make a copy for a folder. You would need to follow some alternative ways to duplicate a folder. 

The best way to copy a folder in Google Drive is to download the folder in a zip file and then unzip the folder on your local computer. And then upload the folder on your Drive. 

Here’s a short guide:

Google Drive My Drive

  • There you see all the files and folders that you’ve created for your needs. Select the folder you want to copy and right-click on it. After right-clicking, you’ll be able to see an option named Download. 

Google Drive Download file

  • The file will start downloading on your computer in a Zip file format. Wait a few moments to complete the downloading. The download time will depend on your file size and internet speed. You can see the downloading progress at the right bottom of the page. 

Google Drive downloading a file

  • After downloading the file, open the zip file and extract it to get the original folder. Name the folder based on what type of files are in there.
  •  Now, come back to the GD and keep open the right folder path to upload the folder as a copy folder of your other folder. 
  • I’ve created a folder called “New Folder,” where I would like to store the folder. 

Google Drive New Folder

  • If you don’t want to make another folder for the new folder, you can stay on the home page of Google Drive. 
  • Assuming you’re on the right path and the uploadable folder is ready on your computer. Now right-click on your mouse and select “Upload Folder.”

Google Drive Folder upload

  • Select the folder name from your computer to upload on Google Drive. Again, the uploading time will depend on the size of your folder and your internet speed. 

However, if you’re using mobile data, make sure you have enough data on your phone. Otherwise, it will charge your balance. On the other hand, Wifi users will need to make sure the speed is satisfying.

To duplicate a folder in GD, you can follow the steps and make the job easier than other methods. In addition to the shared way, you’ll notice several ways are available to follow. 

You can find some third-party websites or apps that can help you do the same job. However, our recommendation is to avoid them and do the whole process manually because these services will ask you to access your Google Drive. 

They may steal your data without notifying you. Not only that, but also you may not be able to use them if you don’t know how to do that as they are a little bit complicated!

Best Way To Make A Copy Of A Folder in Google Drive:

If you’re a little bit techy and used to Google Drive, you can make the place in your control. Duplicating a folder will not be a hard job for you. 

Here is my little trick for making a copy of a folder in GD with a little effort.

  • Open GD and go to the folder you want to duplicate. 
  • Select all the files and sub-folders in your main folder and right and select move. 

Google Drive Move to option

  • Go one step backwards after clicking on “Move.” 

How do I force a copy of a Google Drive folder

  • Click on the folder icon to create a new folder. You can name the folder as you want. 

Google Drive MOVE HERE

  • After creating the folder, select the folder, move on it, and select “Move Here.” All the selected files and folders will be moved into the new folder. 

Google Drive move new folder

Can I Make A Copy Of A Shared Folder In Google Drive?

Google Drive doesn’t have an option that can allow you to make a copy of a shared folder. You have to do the process manually. To do that, download the shared folder in a zip file format. 

  • Open on your computer and unzip the folder. 
  • Rename the unzipped folder. 
  • Go back to the Google Drive folder to keep the duplicated folder. 
  • From the folder, right-click and select “Upload Folder” to upload the folder from your local computer. 

Google will take a few moments to fully upload the folder on your selected folder path based on your folder size. This is the most preferable and common way to make a copy of a shared or non-shared folder in Google Drive.

Why Can’t I Make A Copy Of A Folder In Google Drive?

This is because Google doesn’t include such a feature that can help you make a copy of a folder. As far as our research, since your folder can contain a lot of large files or folders, it might be a huge thing for Google to handle, and this might be the main reason why Google does not allow users to do that.

How Do I Copy A Folder And Subfolders In Google Drive?

Without using any third-party tool or service, you can’t do it easily. However, you can follow the manual by duplicating a folder and a subfolder in Google Drive. 

  • Download the folder or subfolder you want to duplicate. 
  • The folder will be downloaded in a zip file. 
  • Unzip the folder and give the name of the folder. 
  • Upload the folder in your Google Drive. 

How Do I Copy A Google Folder That Was Shared With Me?

You can copy a Google Folder that was shared with you. To do that, follow the guide below.

  • Go to that folder and select all the content by pressing Ctrl + A from your keyboard.
  • Right-click on your mouse and click “Make a Copy” to duplicate all selected content. 
  • Create a folder on that folder, select all the copied content, and move it into the new folder. 
  • Now select the new folder and move it where you want to keep it in your Google Drive.

Where Is The Copy Folder Tool In Google Drive?

Only the “Make a Copy” option is available to copy a file or document in Google Drive. The “Copy Folder” option is not available, and you have to follow the manual process to duplicate a folder.

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Final Words:

We don’t even know why Google does not offer the feature to copy a folder. However, duplicating a document is quite easy in Google Drive. 

Most people use Google Drive for a long time, and when they need to copy a whole folder to another path, they ask the same question How To Make A Copy Of A Folder In Google Drive? 

Because they can’t find the option to do that. If you’re looking for a guide to overcome the issue, reading this guide will help you a lot as we have shared two manual methods to make a folder duplicate in Google Drive.