How Long Does It Take Google Drive To Process A Video?

How Long Does It Take Google Drive To Process A Video

Undoubtedly, Google Drive has changed the way of saving space on your physical Pendrive or hard disk. However, a query we’re noticing online is how long does it take Google Drive to Process a Video?

This is one of the most asked questions from those people who frequently store video on Google Drive instead of using their physical storage device. 

In this guide, we’ll cover why Google Drive takes a lot of time to process a video after successfully uploading the video, some reasons why the issue occurs, and finally, you’ll see some solutions to overcome the issue.

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How Long Does It Take Google Drive To Process A Video?

No clear-cut answer can be shared for the issue because the video processing time will depend on so many things such as your internet connection, the processor of your device, and the total file size of your video.

Short Tips: To overcome the issue, check your internet connection, video file size, and also your browser. Sometimes this problem can occur due to the lack of your internet connection.

Let’s say your video file size is 1GB, normally Google Drive will take the uploading time depending on your internet speed. 

The processing time may take 30 minutes once the video is successfully uploaded in Google Drive, and it may require extra 10 minutes to make the video playable.

In the end, the total time might be 50-55 minutes depending on all these things. However, if you meet the requirements, Google Drive can still show the same message, “We’re processing your video, please wait and try back later”.

What’s the solution for the issue and how you can over it? 

Well, before knowing some solution and learning how does it take Google Drive to process a video. 

What is Video Processing on Google Drive?

When a user uploads a video on the platform, Google Drive will automatically start uploading the video from your device and after completing the job, Google Drive will start processing the video. 

There is no way to see the processing time as Google itself handles the process. What you can do there is just wait till the task is completed successfully.

Since Google Drive makes the video supported for every device and also supports the uploaded video for different resolutions like 420p, 720p, 1080p, and some higher resolutions, it’s normal for Google to consume a little bit more time to process the video. 

The Reasons Why Google Drive Takes More Time to Process a Video:

Video is always a heavy file for Google Drive as the platform manages a lot of things worldwide. Every day Google Drive is used by millions of people. So it’s normal for Google to take some additional time to process a video. 

In addition to this, if you look at a video structure, you’ll notice that a video is divided into multiple objects, the different resolution supports. These things are normal for a video. 

However, the main reason why Google Drive takes a lot of time is that when you upload a video file, Google Drive processes the video in such a way so that it can be played from different devices without facing any issue.

In another word, Google plays a background process to compress the video file for multiple devices and platforms. 

For example, if you upload a video from your computer, and share that video with a mobile user, the mobile user will be needed to get additional support from their phone so that they can play the video perfectly.

Fix Google Drive Video Processing Issue:

To fix the issue, you have to take some steps before you upload the video. Some tips to know before storing a video on Google Drive: 

  • Make the video file size as short as you can via using a video editing app or an online third-party tool like freeconvert
  • Use the fastest internet service, it can be either wifi or mobile data. However, if you use mobile data, make sure you have enough data. 
  • Check the browser that you’re going to use to store the video. If the browser version is too old, first update the browser and then move forward. 
  • Check your internet connection while the video is processing because if the internet connection loses during the processing time, Google can stop the process and show you an error message. 

All the shared tips are useful if you follow them while thinking about uploading a video on your Google Drive account. 

The Ways to Overcome Google Drive Video Processing Issue

The solutions are already shared. You can check all the mentioned things and try to upload the video again. If the tips do not work, then follow the alternative ways to fix the same issue. 

Try Google Drive Alternative:

If your primary reason for using Google Drive is storing video or sharing the video with others, you can consider using some Google Drive alternative that will allow you to upload ad share. 

Dropbox and Cbackup both are the most popular alternative to Google Drive that will give you enough space for free.

Dropbox is always considered the best alternative to Google Drive when it comes to storing files. So you can use the platform to upload your video. According to our research, Dropbox doesn’t need a lot of time to process a video. 

If you ask for a suggestion, we’ll highly tell you that use Dropbox instead of Cbackup because Cbackup is good to keep your file backup for next use, while Dropbox comes with multiple features. 

How long does it take for a 5-minute video to process on Google Drive?

There is no clear-cut answer to this query. If your 5-munites video file is formatted in 2K resolution, the file size will be much higher compared to a 780p video. Not only that but also your internet speed will also play a massive role. 

How long does it take for a 2-minute video to process on Google Drive?

2-munites video is not a large file if properly edited and formatted. If your internet speed is good enough and your computer process is also good, it might take up to 1-3 minutes to process a video on Google Drive. 

Google Drive video is still processing – Solution?

If the processing time takes a long time and you’re still waiting for the process to be completed, you can close the browser or Google Drive application and check the status again by opening the app. 

If you notice the video is ready to play or share, take a long breath. If not, start uploading the same video after checking your internet connection and video file size. 

If the size of your video is high, try to use some online video compressor tool or use the video editing software you’re currently using to edit videos. The more the video file size, the more time Google will take to process the video. 

On the other hand, the low the internet speed, the more time google will take to upload the video on their server from your local device.

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Video Is Still Processing Google Drive iPhone – Solution?

iPhone users can use Google Drive too. However, if you’re an iPhone user and face the same issue “Video is Still Processing” on Google Drive, you should check your internet connection and video size. 

After checking all of them, if you notice the internet is slow for today and the file size is too large, you can use LumaFusion, it’s an app that allows iPhone users to edit the video easily and compress video to reduce the file size. 

In addition to using the app, you can search online to find a video compressor to reduce the video file and try uploading that video again on Google Drive, hope, this will work perfectly and you’ll not see the “Video is Still Processing” Message.


Google Drive is a free and all-rounder place for most people who love to use online backup or sharing systems instead of using local space. However, when people upload a large video file, they face a problem called “Video is Still Processing”. 

If you’re one of them and asking the same query, how long does it take Google Drive to process a video, you can read the whole post to get the right answer!