Best Eye Protection Extension For Chrome – with FAQs

Best Eye Protection Extension For Chrome

You work in front of your computer or laptop a lot and looking for the best eye protection extension for chrome, right? 

Using the google chrome browser is good, but it would be better to use an eye protection extension because working with the computer screen for a long time can damage your eyes due to the harmful rays. 

In this post, we have highlighted some free chrome extensions that are widely used to save eyes and help you reduce eye strain.

Best Eye Protection Extension For Chrome

The top four eye care extensions are Night Eye, Night Shift Redux, Luna Reader, and Illumify. These are the all-time popular extension not only for google chrome but also Firefox. 


As the first and best eye care google chrome extension, we’re presenting Illumify, a lightweight and fast-action taker. It can get access to almost every website, and when you enable its dark mode, the page will completely be dark.

The theme that is used in making websites dark features colour blind correction. So you can select your preferred colours based on your needs. 

With the help of their control box, you can also adjust the brightness, font size of a website, contrast, and more. 

The colourblind options offer a lot of control over a website’s elements like you can change the link colour, font colours. 

This extension will work best for day and nighttime. So if you’re a freelancer or office worker, just have installed this amazing extension and protect your eyes from the harmful computer screen. 

Night Eye: 

This 365KiB-sized night eye protection extension is one of the most installed extensions on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

Installed and trusted by over 300,000 internet users worldwide. It uses a special algorithm that will allow you to make your currently visited website dark within a second by clicking on its switch. 

There are three options you’ll find on the control box, dark, filtered, and normal. By clicking on the dark mode, you can do the tab dark (your page will require to refresh to get the result), and the filtered tab will work on your customization, and the normal mode will reset the extension. 

The developer of this extension is working hard to keep updating the extension and adding more features to make it more convenient for users. 

There are no ads and no data mining, and your privacy will be protected because Google handles all of the extensions published on the web store. 

If you’re visiting any built-in dark mode supported website, this extension will detect it and work better with a smooth and consistent dark mode. 

This extension is normally free, but it’s also available as a pro version. So if you would like to enjoy more features, you can upgrade your plan. But the free version is good enough to stay safe from the computer screen. 

Night Shift Redux

This is also a lightweight (161KiB) extension for day and nighttime users. It comes with a better control where you can customize its setting to monitor how much you want to make a page dark to protect your eyes while working. 

The best part of this extension is you can manually select the shift from color presets. A schedule basis system is a great thing for users as they can choose from three options. 

After installing the extension on your Google Chrome browser, you’ll need to restart or refresh all of your currently opened tabs to use the extension properly. 

Lunar Reader

The lunar reader is an online article or document readers-friendly google chrome extension that is safe and compatible with most websites. 

Once you install the extension, you’ll get an easy and quick way to make dark mode on every site. The Night Shift Redux also offers an easy customization control box to customize your dark theme visual from contrast, brightness, to saturation. 

There are two modes available in the Lunar Reader chrome extension, dark mode and night mode. The dark mode is only for those people who want to see everything on a website darker, and the night mode is only for nighttime use. 

You can control the extension from your keyboard shortcut. Click here to go to the guide page and see all the shortcuts before installing the extension. 

Before installing an eye care extension on your google chrome browser, you should consider some points like you should avoid installing an un-certified extension by google. 

You should not install a heavy-sized extension because it can make your browser slow. So look at the size before installing it.

Don’t install a similar dark theme or extension and use them together. If you install a similar extension and active them simultaneously, none of your extensions will work well.

How do I put my computer in eye protection mode?

If you’re using Windows 10, you can go to your setting and search for night mode. From that page, turn the night mode on to activate the computer’s eye protection mode. 

How can you make your eyes easier on Google Chrome?

The best way to make your eyes easier on Google Chrome is to install a dark mode or eye care extension that will allow you to make your visiting page dark to reduce the harmful brightness of your screen. 

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Are google chrome eye protection extensions safe?

Since all the extension developers follow the google chrome extension building program policies, not only the eye care extensions but all the published extensions are safe. 

Remember: all of our highlighted extensions are known as the best eye protection extension for chrome, but it doesn’t mean that you have to install all of them simultaneously as they are free to use. 

Try one of them and if you feel the installed one is not working better for your case, try another one.