How To Delete All Extensions On Google Chrome – 6 Best Ways

How To Delete All Extensions On Google Chrome

Do you want to delete all the unnecessary extensions that you have installed on your Google Chrome Browser?

Those who want to do that frequently ask the same question, how to delete all extensions on Google Chrome, so if you’re one of them and looking for an answer to this question, hold on!

Here we’re going to share some of the best and quick ways to remove and delete your Google Chrome extensions. 

If you want to delete all extensions at once, you may not be able to do that because we didn’t find any ways to do that as far as our research. You must remove them one by one!

The only possible way is to uninstall the browser and reinstall it again!

Note: Installing a lot of unwanted extensions can slow down your internet browsing experience. So you should remove all of them as soon as you can to make the browser faster. 

6 Ways To Delete All Extensions On Google Chrome:

There are so many methods you can follow to remove or delete an extension on your chrome browser. Below are the 4 easy ways we have shown you!

(1) Deleting Chrome Extension From The Web Store:

Chrome browser allows users to add extensions directly from their web store and remove them directly from the store. So this can be a solution. 

Simply visit the installed extension page that you want to delete. For example, we can assume you have installed the Night Mode chrome extension and now you want to delete it. 

Visit the extension page and click on the “Remove From Chrome” button. A simple pop-up box will ask you to confirm the action. So click on the remove. It will take a little time to delete the extension from your browser. 

(2) Deleting Chrome Extension From The Extension Setting:

Deleting an extension from the extension setting page is the most common and easy way that most people follow. 

Simply open your google chrome browser and click on the three-dots icon from the right top corner and go to the extension page by hovering the more settings. 

There you can see all the installed extensions in a list view with two additional options, Details and Remove. 

If you want to know more about the extension, click on the details link, and for deleting the extension, click on the Remove option. A pop-up option will ask you to confirm the removing action by clicking on the remove. 

(3) Deleting Chrome Extensions By One Click: 

Don’t want to follow a long process to remove them? The solution is removing them from the top bar. 

  • Open your browser.
  • Right-click on the extension you want to delete. 
  • Click on the “Remove From Chrome”. 
  • It’s enough! The selected extension will be removed in a short time!

(4) Using an Extension Manager to Remove Chrome Extension:

If you’re a busty chrome user and often need to install and delete a lot of extensions on a daily basis, No better option is available than using an extension manager. 

Because an extension manager allows you to manage all your important extensions in one place. Some of the most popular extension managers for Google Chrome are NooBoss, SimpleExtManager, and Extension Manager

NooBoss is the most popular one among them. In this guide, we have talked about the NooBoss extension manager. 

To manage and remove extensions, first, you’ll need to install them on your browser. To install it and left-click on the extension from your browser’s top bar. 

Click on the extension, and a short Window will be shown in front of you. There you can see all your extensions.

The most useful feature of the NooBoss extension is you can disable all the extensions at once and enable them with one single click as well. 

To delete one extension, click on the delete icon inside of the extension name. No need to confirm the action repeatedly, meaning one single click will be enough to remove your selected extension from your browser. 

In addition to removing them, you can also view all of your extension’s history in one place. Every time you remove an extension, you’ll get a notification from the extension manager. 

(5) Resetting Chrome To Delete All Extensions:

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry because this is an optional way you can follow to delete all extensions on Google Chrome. This way will offer a useful means to remove extensions. 

However, the only drawback of following this method is your chrome browsing history, caches, and cookies, bookmarks, and saved passwords will be deleted. 

So just make sure that you’re ready to follow this method. To reset the browser, type chrome://settings/reset in your browser. Click on the restore settings to go ahead. 

Click on the reset from the confirmation box. Wait a few seconds to let the action finish. The next thing you will need to do is go to the extension screen page and remove the extension you want to delete. 

(6) Reinstalling Chrome to Delete All Extensions:

This is known as a permanent solution for this case. But most people don’t want to follow such a way because all your data will be deleted once you uninstall the browser and install a new version or the same version. 

But you have a solution, you can start syncing your data on your chrome browser by logging into your Gmail account. We’ll share a dedicated post on it in the future or read the guide here.

Come back to the main point. You just need to uninstall the chrome browser and reinstall it again. Once you uninstall the browser, all installed extensions will be removed. 

Point: this might be the only way that can work best to delete all extensions on google chrome. 

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Final Words: 

The truth is there is no good way to solve your question of How To Delete All Extensions On Google Chrome. But if you’re not a permanent chrome user, you can uninstall the browser and reinstall it to delete all the extensions at once!