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How To Find Someone On Twitter By Location

If you’re a Twitter user and want to find some people near you and don’t know the search process for location-based users on Twitter, this post is for you!

How to find someone on Twitter by Location is one of the common questions asked by those people who want to see people near them and make a connection.

Whether you’re using Twitter via your smartphone or computer, it doesn’t matter, and you can follow our guide to find people by Location.

Let’s get into the central part!

How To Find Someone On Twitter By Location?

You can search by your query in the Twitter search box to find results and select the “Near You” option from the “Search filters” section on your right side. 

This selection will bring the right results based on your location. It’s the most common way of finding someone on Twitter by Location. 

But for a better result, you may need to follow some processes like enabling your location setting on your phone or computer so that Twitter can access your current location and help you get as better as possible. 

If you forget to enable location access on your Twitter account and still want to find someone near you, Twitter will use your device’s IP address to get an idea about your current location and help you see a better result.

Note: if you’re one of those people who wants to find someone on Twitter without having a Twitter account, the chance is you’ll miss the accurate result because users with an account get the complete advantage of searching Twitter. 

Well, assuming you’re a user and now want to make your Twitter settings suitable for a better location-based search to find people near you. Follow the below process. 

Enable location setting for your Twitter account on Mobile: 

  • Open the Twitter app and go to the setting page by clicking on the profile photo first and then scrolling down.
  • Notice the “Data Sharing and off-Twitter Activity” text and then hit the “Location Information.”
  • Enable the Location. 

Well, to find someone near you, you can now go to the search box from the Twitter app on your Mobile. 

  • Type a query and hit the search icon.
  • Click on the search filters. 
  • There you can see two different options.
  • First: People, you can select either “From Anyone” or “People You Follow.” 
  • Second: Location: you can select either “Anywhere” or “Near You.”
  • To get someone’s profile or tweets from the search page, select “From Anyone” under the People’s option and select the “Near You” option under the “Location” Option.
  • Once you do it and again click on the search icon, the Twitter search algorithm will understand your intention and bring some instant results in front of you.
  • Now select “people” to see the best-matched profiles based on your query.

How to Find Someone on Twitter By Location (Method For Desktop User)

The process is the same as the mobile app. First, you need to log into your account from a browser and enable the location option. 

Here’s the practical guide:

  • Log into your account. 
  • Go to Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety.
  • Scroll down to find “Location Information.”
  • Click on the “Explore Settings.”
  • A popup window will be shown.
  • Mark the “Show content in this location” Radio box as checked.

Location-based Search on Twitter

Twitter Privacy and safety

Twitter locatoin information

Twitter explore settings

Twitter location

You’re almost done with enabling the basic settings for finding location-based Twitter users. Now come back to the profile, and from the search box, type your query and hit enter. 

  • From the right side of the search page, select “Anyone” under the People and select “Near You” under the Location. 
  • And since you’re trying to find only people near you, you have to choose the “people” on your search page. Twitter search

Find Twitter account by search

If everything goes well, you can now see the people near you and can follow or message them for any needs. 

Can you track anyone’s Location on Twitter?

Yes, finding someone’s Location on Twitter is easy. You’ll need to use some third-party tools or websites to complete the process. Below we have shown the process of finding a user location on Twitter. 

  • First, go to the profile from a browser and copy the URL of the profile page. Make sure the URL is accurate. 
  • Go to this widely popular IP tracking creating a website called gratify. This site will help you generate a helpful tracking link for that Twitter user’s profile. 
  • Paste the coped profile link in the box and once it has done, copy the tracking link and ask the user you want to track is clicking the connection by sending a message on their profile. 
  • If the user clicks on the link, you need to refresh the page and see the result. Gravity will show you the country location with city name, IP address, browser name, IPS name, and more. 

How do I search tweets by geocoding?

Most people prefer searching tweets by GEOcodeing, but the issue is they can’t do this because the process is a bit tricky than a standard search on Twitter. 

Searching by GEOcodeing will help you find some valuable tweets based on your selected area on Twitter, and you can see everything near you. 

Here’s how: 

  • Type the website name in your browser and hit enter
  • This website helps create a GEO location code for a specific area. You need to type your Location in the search box and click on the calculate Geodata. 
  • If everything goes well, copy the created Geolocation code and go to your Twitter account from a browser. 
  • Paste the code after typing geocode: (the code)
  • Don’t use any space between the code.
  • Click enter and see all the results near you!

How do I find tweets from a specific location?

To find tweets from a particular area, you’ll need to enable your Location on your Twitter profile. Once you enable the setting, search by your query and filter out the search by selecting tweets near you. 

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How do I find tweets from a specific person?

The easiest way to find tweets from a specific user on Twitter is by directly going to their profile and scrolling down to see all the tweets posted by the user.

We hope you’re now clear about the question: How To Find Someone On Twitter By Location. The process is simple, and even you don’t need to be a technical guy to find someone by area.