How To Get Twitter On Google Search – Twitter SEO Tips and Tricks

How To Get Twitter On Google Search

Want to become a popular person in google searches by using your Twitter profile? If yes, you might ask the same question: how to get Twitter on google search? 

Since Google started playing an indexing game for every public post shared on Twitter, the chances are your all public posts will be visible on the search page when people search by your brand name or a single name. 

To make your Twitter profile Google search engine friendly, you have to decorate your profile in such a way so that Google Bot can understand that you’re a person who is eligible to get a place on the first page of Google. 

Our today’s post is all about ranking Twitter posts or profiles on the first page. Several steps are shared, so read the entire post carefully!

How To Get Twitter On Google Search?

Getting a place for your Twitter profile or post on Google search is not hard if you’re a person with a unique name or brand name. You’ll need to optimize your Twitter account for SEO. 

The first thing to notice: 

When creating a Twitter account, you have to make sure that your username is small and unique at the same time. 

For Example, bappi 

But the problem that many people face when they try to keep their username short is the name is not available. 

This is a common issue. You have to try again and again by typing a different name. Once you notice a name is available, pick that one. 

Well, now you have to set your first name and last name. Look, the first name and last name should be as similar as your username. 

It will help Google to understand your brand name and Twitter profile link. Don’t use a different username with a different profile name.

Assuming you have followed the suggestion properly. Now you have to pick one of your professional-looking photos. 

But here’s the mistake most people make.

Most people capture a photo and directly upload it to their Twitter profile. Don’t do that because without making an image SEO-friendly, Google will not understand the image. 

For your case, capture an image, and from your computer, 

  • Open Photoshop and open that photo. 
  • Click on the edit and scroll down to find “File Info” and click on it.
  • A popup window will appear. 
  • From that page, you can set your image name, description, author name, keywords, and copyright settings.

How to add image name, description, author name, keywords, and copyright with Photoshop

Put your full name in the image name box, in the description section, tell a brief about yourself. 

Type your nickname in the “Author” box and set some related words in the “Keywords” box. 

Note: Everything should be similar to your username and Twitter profile name. 

The rest of the setting keeps as it is now. Save the image and upload the updated photo to your Twitter profile. 

In addition to setting up your profile image with proper image optimization, you have to make your cover photo Google search engine friendly. 

If you already uploaded a cover image, remove that, make a cover photo, and do proper image optimization by following the above guide. 

The next thing is providing your short bio on your Twitter profile. You don’t need to share the complete story of your life. Remember, 160 words are the Twitter bio character limit. 

Make an SEO-Friendly Bio For Your Twitter Profile

When writing the bio, you have to use your keywords. Try to include similar keywords in your Twitter bio that you already included in your profile image and cover photo. 

You can also use 1-2 important words with a # tag because Twitter guesses these words are important and valuable.

From your profile setting, Twitter allows you to add a location. Don’t forget to add your location. If you have a location-based audience, once they search by your name on google, Google can show the best results based on their location

Another field can be used to provide the URL of your personal or company website. So add your website link.

Post Useful Content to get Twitter on Google Search

Both Google and Twitter love those people or brands who post tweets regularly, which will help you rank your Twitter tweets on Google searches. 

Most people don’t follow the role, and they post unconsciously, which makes their Twitter profile terrible in the eyes of Google Search Engine. 

But regularly posting tweets doesn’t mean that you’re doing good on the platform. Your posted posts should be useful and have to include deeply researched content with SEO-friendly images. 

If possible, try to use images with every single tweet because Twitter and Google love images. 

In your tweet, you can also use some related words with a # tag. For Example, if your name is Sajidur Rahman on Twitter and you’re a web developer, after your main content, you can use

  •  #sajidur_rahman 
  • #web_developer
  • #web_design
  • #website
  • #developer_sajidur
  • #hire_web_developer

Important Things to Notice

Make Profile Public: if you select your Twitter profile as private, Google will not be able to index your profile and the posts you’ll do on your profile as well. 

To check the setting and enable the setting as a public, go to the settings page and uncheck the “Protect My Twitter Box.” 

Use Twitter Carousel: Recently, Twitter included a feature called Carousel. You can select multiple images, videos, and texts to make a horizontal slideshow when posting a Tweet. 

You can use them properly when posting a tweet. The useful thing about this feature is it ranks well on the Google search page. 

For Example, when you search by the word “Apple Computer Twitter” you’ll see a result like this image:

Twitter Carousel example

Note: Once you follow the entire guide and post tweets regularly on your Twitter profile, you may need to wait for 1-3 months to see the result because Google takes a lot of time to index Twitter posts. 

People Also Ask

  • Why do my tweets show on Google?

Twitter officially allows Google to index all of its users’ tweets and profiles on Google, but the users who make their profiles private will not appear in Google searches.

  • Why can’t people see my Twitter?

Because you have declared that you’re not interested in sharing your profile with other users by enabling the profile private mode on your Twitter account setting, you can change the private mode to the public mode to make your profile publicly accessible. 

  • Does Google index tweets?

Since Twitter is a traffic-based social media, they want more visitors. So they give Google full access to index all of their user’s tweets and show them on Google search. But the profiles that are marked as private will not be indexed by Google!

Some more useful content:

Final Words: 

Still, asking the same question: how to get Twitter on Google search? Read our entire post again to learn the topic well. 

If you already have a Twitter account and want to prepare the profile for Google ranking, you’ll need to make your profile photo and cover photos SEO-Friendly with proper keyword placement. 

Your username should be similar to your name, and your bio should contain the main keyword you want to rank on Google.