I Deleted My Browsing History But It Still Shows Up & How to Fix

Which browser are you currently using? Without knowing the answer, it might be a hard job to answer your question of “I Deleted My Browsing History But It Still Shows Up”. 

However, no worry as I’ve tried to guide you to fix the browser history not deleting issues on some of the major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera. 

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I Deleted My Browsing History, But It Still Shows Up

According to my research, I’ve found 4 reasons why your browser history is still showing up. 

  • Your browser’s history function may be disabled.
  • You may be using a browser extension that is preventing your history from being deleted.
  • Your browser may be set to save your history only for a certain period of time.
  • There may be a problem with the browser itself that is causing your history to not be deleted.

Now depending on your browser, you have to find the issue and fix it by following some tips from this post. 

Assuming you’re using the Google Chrome browser and looking for a guide on how to delete browser history permanently. 

Fixing the Issue on Google Chrome

Look, you’ve already seen that so many reasons are behind the issue. It doesn’t matter which browser are you using, the problem can be the same. 

Normally, people are using the Google Chrome browser smoothly without any browser history deleting issue. 

However, if you’re using the Google Chrome browser on your laptop and phone as well, you might notice that when you delete your Google Chrome history from your laptop, the same history might be still available on your phone’s browser history tab. 

This can happen if you did not clear your browser cache from your phone. The problem can be fixed automatically. 

However, if the problem is not fixed automatically, better you clear your Google Chrome app cache from your phone’s setting. 

If you’re using a third-party browser extension, the extension can create such an issue. 

So try to delete an extension and delete the browser history and check the current status.

In addition to these, also check whether your browser saving your browsing history for a certain period of time. 

Browser History Deleting Issue on Firefox

If you’re using the Firefox web browser and still encounter the history deleting issue with the browser, you can follow the same steps or guidelines to fix the problem quickly. 

Try to do the following methods: 

  • Delete an extension
  • Check if your browser has any history deleting function
  • Update the firefox browser to fix the Firefox history clearing issue. 

If you’re using any other browsers such as Brave or Opera, try to follow the shared methods and check if the problem still coming to your browser or not. 

Why Should I Delete My Browser History?

Why Should I Delete My Browser History

Most people have at least a few things they’d rather not have others know about, and for many of us, our web browsing history is one of them. 

Whether it’s because we’re worried about identity theft, or we simply don’t want others snooping around in our business, the thought of someone being able to see every website we’ve visited can be downright unnerving.

So the question is, should you delete your browser history? And if so, how often?

It’s going to become a dynamic question as it depends on the people who use the internet from their devices. 

If you’re simply trying to keep your web browsing private from people who have access to your computer, then deleting your history periodically is a good idea. 

But if you’re concerned about identity theft or other malicious activity, then there are other steps you can take to protect yourself, in addition to deleting your history.

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As we mentioned, there are a few good reasons to delete your browser history. If you share a computer with others, or if you use a public computer, you may not want others to see where you’ve been online. Deleting your history can help prevent this.

In addition, if you’re worried about identity theft, deleting your history can help. Identity thieves can use your web browsing history to learn a lot about you, including what kind of sites you visit, what you’re interested in, and even what your password might be.

By deleting your history, you make it more difficult for them to get this information.

Finally, some people simply don’t like the idea of others knowing what they’re up to online. If this is you, then deleting your history can give you a sense of privacy and control.

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The case for not deleting your history!

On the other hand, there are also some good reasons to keep your history. For one thing, it can be useful to have a record of the sites you’ve visited. 

This can come in handy if you need to remember where you found something, or if you want to go back to a site you liked.

In addition, your history can be a helpful tool for troubleshooting problems with your computer or web browser. 

If you’re having trouble accessing a certain website, or if your browser is acting up, looking at your history can sometimes help you figure out what’s going on.

Still thinking about “I Deleted My Browsing History But It Still Shows Up”? Just follow the shared steps and tips to find the reasons behind the issue you’re facing in your browser.