Download Adobe Reader for Chromebook – Installation and More!

Download Adobe Reader for Chromebook

Are you using the Google-developed OS called Chromebook and want to download the Adobe Reader for Chromebook? If so, proceed!

Downloading and installing the Adobe Reader for Chromebook is now essential because it offers a lot of benefits for students, teachers, and many types of people. 

By reading our article, you’ll be able to download the application and install it on your Chromebook operating system to get the best out of the application. 

What is Adobe and Adobe Reader?

Adobe itself is a widely popular software company that has an expert team of people and they develop various types of software and reach out to customers worldwide. 

Adobe Reader is one of their most popular inventions that allow reading all kinds of files on your computer and highlighting text, comments, and so on. 

If you’re a student, you may know the importance of using a reader app. The better your reader app, the better your study would be. So when picking the right reader app for your system, make sure you’re selecting the lightweight, user-friendly, and easy-to-use application. 

Adobe Reader is not only available for the Chromebook operating system, but it is also available for multiple devices and systems.

So no matter which system you are using now, you can simply download the app from their official website and use it without any hassle. 

How to Install Adobe Reader On Your Chromebook?

As we know, Chromebook users can only install and use the Adobe Reader in two ways, either installing the app from the Google Play Store or Installing the Google Chrome Extension. 

We’re going to cover both ways for you so that you can follow the best way based on your needs. 

Installing the adobe reader in Chromebook Via Chrome Extension:

Google Chrome works well on the Chromebook because it’s Google’s Own product. To install the adobe reader, simply open your Chromebook and also open the Google Chrome Browser. 

The next step is to go to the Chrome Web Store to find the extension. In the search box, search for Adobe Reader. 

Once you search with the term, you’ll find the extension. Click on Add to Chrome to install it on your browser. 

It will take a few moments to complete installing the Adobe Reader chrome extension on your browser, so wait for it. 

If everything goes well, you can now see the extension in the top right corner and you can now read all kinds of documents via the extension. 

Note: Since browser extensions are only developed for browsers, you’ll not be able to use the extension on your local computer. 

Installing Via Google Play Store:

First, open the Chromebook. Go to the Google Play Store and search with the same term “Adobe Reader” or direct click on the link, it will redirect you to the Play Store. 

Click on the install button and wait for a few moments. Based on your internet or wifi speed, it can take a longer or shorter time. 

Once the installation is completed, open the app on your Chromebook and use it to read all kinds of files and documents in one place. 

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Final Words:

As the company says, Adobe Reader is a free application that supports almost all platforms, so you can download Adobe Reader for Chromebook and use it as other applications. 

From our shared two ways of installing the app on Chromebook, you’re always open to following the easiest way.