How To Tell If Your Computer Is Being Monitored?

How To Tell If Your Computer Is Being Monitored

Computers are now a part of our life and most people use them for various types of tasks for a living. 

However, If you notice something wrong with your PC, you can ask how to tell if your computer is being monitored.

Remember that hackers are more advanced now, and they can easily hack and track your computer. 

So it is always good to know some common signs that may indicate if your PC is being tracked by anyone.

In this guide, we’ll share some common signs and useful tips to protect your computer from hackers. 

  • Check Your Computer Opening Time

One of the most common signs that can indicate that your computer is being tracked by someone is your PC opening time. If you notice your computer is opening slowly compared to a few days ago. This might be a big reason that your PC is injured.

Because when a computer is being monitored by another computer or system, the tracked computer can’t work properly and load the basic files during the starting time. 

  • Did you download any unofficial applications and install them on your computer?

As a computer user, you might need to download and install a lot of software from different websites and platforms. However, downloading applications from all platforms or websites is not an ideal job as the software can contain viruses. 

Offering free software from different websites is the easiest hacking trap for beginner and professional hackers. 

People like you can easily download their free offered applications and once you download the app and install it on your system, the software will start sending different kinds of information to the hackers. 

With this in mind, we always suggest downloading computer applications from a trusted place such as the Microsoft app store and Softonic. In addition to these app platforms for Windows, you can also find some alternatives. 

Visit the site to find more trusted sites

Assuming you have downloaded and installed an application from an unofficial site and your computer is being tracked by another system or person. Now you can do one thing to make sure of the thing. 

Open your computer task manager.

  • Check Your Computer Task Manager

Task managers in every Windows computer play a key role in helping you to see all your active programs in a list view to let you know which program is consuming the most resources of your CPU and RAM. 

Task manager is also a great way to end up a running program. So if you notice an unexpected program is running on your system, you can simply stop the program. 

To open the task manager on your computer, click on the search box. Search for a task manager. Click on the “Task manager” written text and open the window. 

There you’ll be able to see all your currently active programs and also their resources consuming status. 

In the task manager, you’ll see the most resource-consuming program and lowest-consuming programs as well. In general, If google chrome or any other heavy program is currently active on your system, you’ll see their name and status. 

However, if you notice a heavy program currently running on your computer with an unknown name and consuming a lot of CPU resources, you can assume that this is the program you have downloaded and installed on your PC. 

Don’t worry, you can stop the activities on that unknown program by right-clicking on the program name and clicking on the end task. Once you do this, the system will force the program to be stopped. 

Use TCPView To See The Active Internet Connection:

TCView might be one of the quick solutions to check whether your computer is being monitored or not. It’s completely free software developed by Microsoft Corporation. 

Using the application is quite easy as you don’t need to be a technical guy. However, you have to know a little skill in using your computer CMD system. 

Once you download the TCView program from the official website of Microsoft, simply install it and start it. As soon as you run the program, it starts calculating all your active running TCP and UDP endpoints. 

Starting the app will resolve all Internet protocol addresses to their domain name versions. The program will show you the process that owns each endpoint. 

If an unknown remote computer or person controls your computer via the internet, you’ll notice the activities in the process list. Like the task manager, you can also stop remote access by right-clicking on your mouse.

  • Check The Wi-Fi Security

Although checking wifi security is not a direct solution to solve the issue of your computer being tracked by someone. However, if you’re on public wifi or using a public hotspot, the chance is that you’ll not require to use any password to connect your computer or laptop. 

A wifi line without password protection means that the wifi is available for everyone. This will create a great chance for the hackers to get access to the wifi and also get access to all the connected devices on the same wifi. 

Even If your computer is using a wifi line via an Ethernet cable, don’t forget to make sure that your wifi is password protected with a strong password. 

Hackers can monitor almost everything you do with your browser and local machine if your computer is connected to the internet.

Check Your Browser History:

If anyone other than you is using your internet browser to monitor what you’re doing on the internet, you can simply check the browsing history to track the history.

However, if the perpetrator is using Incognito mode in any browser, you’ll not be able to see the browsing history to identify the hacker’s activities on your browser.

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Remember to protect your computer from being monitored by someone else, you should not download any unofficial program or application. You can also install some trusted antivirus software.