How To Fix Resolution On Computer To Tv Hdmi

Fix Resolution On Computer To Tv

If you would like to see the same video on your HDMI-supported smart TV, you may first prefer using an HDMI cable because this cable is the best way to connect a computer to a TV!

But sometimes you may face some common issues like your computer screen resolution might not fit your TV screen.

So if you’re facing this issue and looking for a guide on how to fix the resolution on a computer to TV HDMI, this blog post can help you!

Here we have shared the quick and 100% working methods to fix the common issue that most people often face!

The First Thing You Should Know:

When you face such an issue with your TV, the first thing you should know is the preferred resolution of your TV. to know this information, you can check your TV user manual. 

Once you know the ideal resolution, the next thing you can do is go to your computer setting and set the output resolution as your TV suggests. 

Good to mention that most of the HDMI-supported TVs support 1080p HD videos and their regular resolution size is most likely 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60Hz. If you’re using an older model, your TV may support 1080i HD resolution (1366/768).

The Ideal Solution for Fixing Resolution issue on Computer to TV HDMI:

Here’s the easiest and quick solution to the problem.

Step #1: First, check the user guidebook that you got from your TV company when you bought it. The guide will show you the exact supported resolution for your TV. 

Step #2: Connect the HDMI cable to your TV from the computer and make sure both the computer and TV are connected properly. After connecting, if you notice the screen size doesn’t fit well, follow step 3.

Step #3: Go to your computer and open the setting from there, search for an option called Display Option. There you can see your display resolution settings. From the drop-down setting, you can select the preferred resolution. 

Display resolution settings
Types of display resolution options

Step #4: Once you select the size, A pop-up box will show you a confirmation message; click on the “Keep Change” option, and your screen will turn off for a few seconds to complete the changing process, so don’t be afraid.

Keep these display settings? Then Keep changes button

Your TV screen should be now fit with the resolution, 

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How to fix the resolution on a computer to TV HDMI is one of the most common questions among those people who want to use their TV as a monitor or watch their computer images on their HDMI cable-supported TV. 

Although the solution is simple, a wrong way can take a long time to fix the problem, so we hope our guide on this topic is enough for you!