How To Add Ringtones To iTunes From Computer?

How To Add Ringtones To iTunes From Computer

Wondering how to add ringtones to iTunes from the computer? Don’t lose your hope as we’re here to you solve the issue with a few steps. 

From this comprehensive guiding page, you’ll be able to learn the easiest process of adding a ringtone to Itunes using your MAC or Windows computer. 

Before you get started, you have to know the 12.7 version of Itunes is make it complex to add a ringtone to iTunes from a computer and iPhone. 

So if you’re using an older version of iTunes, you’ll be able to do the same thing without any hassle. 

Follow the below guide and make the process easier!

How To Add Ringtones To iTunes From Computer? 

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You can add any ringtones to iTunes either from your MAC or Windows computer. Our guide will cover both. 

How to Add Ringtones to iTunes From MAC? 

Step #1: from your MAC, the first thing you’ll need to do is open the Finder as iTunes is not included the latest versions of macOS. 

Step #2: the second step is to connect your iPhone to MAC. the best way to connect an iPhone with MAC is using a lightning cable (but make sure the cable supports your phone’s type). 

Step #3: When you connect your phone to the computer, you’ll notice an icon on the sidebar of your Finder window. (Under the Location Tab). Click on it to open the setting. 

Step #4: Under the general setting, you have to make sure that the Manually Manage Music, Movies, and TV shows” is marked as completed

Step #5: the final step is to drag your preferred audio ringtone file to your iPhone folder from your MAC. however, remember that not all file type is work for a ringtone, you have to make sure that the file type in .m4r format. 

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Adding Ringtones to iTunes from Windows Computer:

Adding a ringtone to your iTunes from Windows PC is easier than doing the same thing on MAC. if you’re a Windows computer user and have an iPhone. Follow the guide below:

Step #1: you have to download the iTunes application for your computer from the Microsoft Store. After downloading the application, log into your account. 

Step #2: Connect your iPhone with a little help from a USB cable. (sometimes a port might work properly to allow you to connect your iPhone to your computer. In that case, you can change the port and try again)

Step #3: As soon as the iPhone connects to the computer, the iTunes application will receive a signal, meaning an icon will appear there.

Step #4: Click on the icon and then tone under the page. After staying on the Tones page, copy the ringtone you want to add to iTunes from your computer and paste it into the Tones page. 

For your convenience, you can also drag the .M4R formatted audio file and drop it into your iPhone. Make sure the file format is .M4R.

How to put a ringtone on your iPhone from iTunes?

The best way to do it is by using your computer. First, you have to open the iTunes application on your PC and connect your iPhone to the computer. Go to your Tones page on your iPhone from the PC to paste your Ringtones.

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How To Add Ringtones To Itunes From a Computer is one of the basic queries asked by so many iPhone users. We hope today’s shared tips and steps helped you to do the thing easily.