How To Give My Computer Internet Priority on Windows 10, 11, 8 & 7

How To Give My Computer Internet Priority

You’re a daily computer or laptop user and you frequently use multiple methods to connect to the internet, right? 

If so, you may ask the same question, how to give my computer internet priority? Am I right? 

When you use a wifi receiver to use the internet and at the same time you want to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the same internet, you may feel confused about which one will get the first priority. 

In this guide, I will be showing the step-by-step guide on how you can give the first internet priority for your preferable internet connectivity method on Windows 10. You can follow the same method if you’re from Windows 7 or 8, and even the latest one, Windows 11 🙂 

How To Give My Computer Internet Priority?

In order to give your computer internet priority for your preferred method, you’ll need to open your computer and follow the step-by-step guides below:

Step #1:  Open your computer and click on the search box and write “Control Panel” 

Windows 10 search box

Step #2: Open the control panel on your Windows 10 or any Windows version. Now go to the “Network and Internet settings” by clicking on the icon or text. 

Control panel Network and Internet settings

Step #3: After clicking on the text, another window will appear. From the page, look at “Network and Internet Sharing Center” and click on it to go ahead. 

Network and Internet Sharing Center

Step #4: Search for “Change adapter settings” from the page and click on it to view all your currently connected internet connectivity methods. 

Control panel Change adapter settings

Step #5: There you can see which method is currently connected to your computer to access the internet. See the below image where you can see I’m using an Ethernet cable to get the internet from my Router. 

Does Ethernet cable take priority over WIFI 5

Step #6: If you’re using a wifi receiver, you’ll be able to see the status on your computer. No matter which method you’re using now. Simply right-click on the method and then select “Properties”. 

Ethernet Properties

Step #7: Another new window will come to your eye. From the Window, select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and then “Properties” to open another option. 

Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties

Step #8: In this step, you don’t need to change anything on the box. Just click on the “Advanced” button. 

Internet Protocol Version 4 Advanced button

Step #9: By default, The check box will be checked and unless you uncheck the checkmark, you’ll not be able to input any number on the box to increase the priority for your selected method. 

So uncheck the automatic metric and input 10 or fewer numbers on the box to increase the high priority for this method over others and save changes. 

Internet Protocol Version, Advanced matric, then uncheck the automatic metric

Remember that Windows uses numbers to set the priority for a network, and the higher the number you will input in the box, the lower the priority will be for the method. 

You can connect two or three methods to connect to the internet on your computer and separately set a priority number for each method so that they do not cause problems with each other when you connect more than one method at a time.

How To Make Wired Connection Priority Over Wireless Windows 10?

To make wired connection priority over wireless on Windows 10, you can first set priority numbers for wired connection and wireless connection too. 

To set the number for both of them, you can simply go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center and then click on your wired connection. 

  • Next, right-click on the option and then click on “Properties”. 
  • Select “Internet Protocol Version 4”, then Properties. 

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4”, then Properties

  • Select advanced on the next page. 

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4”, then Advanced

  • Uncheck the “Automatic Metric” and input a number to set the priority. For example, since you want to make a wired connection priority over wireless, you can input a lower number for your wired connection because lower numbers mean higher priority on the network system. 

Advanced TCP/IP Settings uncheck Automatic matric

Assuming you’re going to input 10 for the wired connection. Now go back to the network setting and select the wireless connection and follow the same process and input 15 in the Automatic Metric field because 15 is less than 10 and your wired connection will get high priority over the wireless connection. 

How To Change Network 2 To Network 1 Windows 10?

The best way to change Network 2 to Network 1 Windows 10 is to increase the priority of your Network 1. To do so, go to Network and Internet Sharing Center and then click on your Network 1 and enhance the priority numbers on Network 1. 

To make the guide on how to give my computer internet priority, watch the video below and follow the exact steps as the video has shown.

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The shared guide on how to give my computer internet priority might help you to solve the issue perfectly because I have tried to give the guide step by step. 

Although the process of doing the same thing on Windows 7 or Windows 8 might be something different, however, the core of this process is almost the same. 

If you’re a little bit technical guy, you’ll be able to give the internet priority for your computer without taking help from an expert.