How To Tell If A Computer Has Bluetooth

How To Tell If A Computer Has Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the first technologies that allow us to share almost all kinds of data or files from one device to another device, and also allows us to connect our wireless headphones, keyboards, mice, and other devices with a computer or laptop. 

But if you’re using a computer, how can you check this feature whether it exists on your computer or not, and this is where you may ask the same question “how to tell if a computer has Bluetooth?”.

In this guide, you’re going to see a guide that will educate you to see this on your computer. So stay connected till the end. 

How To Tell If A Computer Has Bluetooth?

By going into your computer device manager, you can easily see all the built-in feature lists and also the Bluetooth feature if your computer has. 

In most cases, Bluetooth is a default feature on a laptop device, but when it comes to a computer, you may already have noticed that some computers contain this feature by default.

On the other hand, some computers do not have this feature. If you’re using a PC from a brand like HP, Dell, or Acer, most likely they include Bluetooth features, but if you build your computer by connecting different parts buying from multiple brands, chances are you’ll not get the feature. 

Before you add this feature, let’s take a look at your computer setting to check the feature. 

Checking Bluetooth Feature in A Computer (Windows 10)

The process is simple, you can check it within a few seconds, open your computer and follow the guide below.

Step #1: Click on the Search button from the left corner of your computer and type Device Manager. 

Windows search box

Step #2: A pop-up window will appear, take a look at the image:

Device Manager on Windows 10

Step #3: As you can see, all your connected and built-in devices are shown here. But since you’re looking for Bluetooth, click on the Network Adapters to open the hidden items from the dropdown menu. Some computers may even show Bluetooth icons outside.

Note: My computer doesn’t have Bluetooth, that’s why there is no such icon. But if you notice a Bluetooth icon on your computer, meaning your PC has the feature already. 

Bluetooth on Windows 10

The above-shared method is one of the most common ways to check Bluetooth. However, there are several other ways to check this. Here’s another method:

Step #4: Open your computer setting and type “Troubleshoot Setting” in the search box. 

Windows 10 setting
Windows 10 Troubleshoot Setting

Step #5: from that page, scroll down and find “Additional Troubleshooters,” and click on it. 

Additional Troubleshooters on Windows 10

Step #6: Once you click on the text, a new window will appear, scroll down and find Bluetooth and click on it. 

Check the Bluetooth feature on Windows 10

Step #7: After clicking, you’ll notice an option called “Run Troubleshooters” click on it to run the troubleshooters.

Run Troubleshooters for Bluetooth Feature on Windows 10

Step #8: By running the Troubleshooter, your computer will start detecting the Bluetooth functionality. If your computer can detect the function, a message will let you know, but if not, you’ll see this message:

Device does not have Bluetooth windows 10

Do I Need to Add Bluetooth to My Computer?

Although technology has changed a lot due to the fast internet, Bluetooth still plays an amazing role in meeting multiple needs of people. 

Having Bluetooth on your computer will let you do a lot of things without using wires to connect additional devices such as a microphone, mouse, keyboard, and other Bluetooth-supported devices. 

So if you’re interested in using wireless devices with your computer, you must have Bluetooth support for your computer. 

Apart from these benefits, you can also use Bluetooth as a file-transferring method, although the transfer speed is much slower than other file-transferring tools or software, in the event of an emergency, It can come in handy. 

It will allow you to send and receive files from your computer to your mobile or laptop. So having a Bluetooth-supported PC is one of the main factors that need to be considered as soon as you buy your PC. 

Can I Add Bluetooth to My Computer?

The clear-cut answer is, Yes, in fact, there are so many ways you can follow to add Bluetooth to your computer, some methods are quite easy and cheap, while some are expensive and lengthy. 

So what method will you follow? Cheap and easy, right? 

Well, for a cheap and easy option, you may prefer to use a Bluetooth dongle, this is a simple and tiny device that will act as a Bluetooth device for your computer. You can buy one from either your local shop or online marketplace. 

The price is not as much as you’re thinking, the average price range might be 10-15 dollars. 

This type of device works by plugging it directly into one of your free USB ports on your PC. 

There is no need to give you a guide on this topic as it’s a simple process. However, in short, connect the Bluetooth dongle to your computer and turn on the device you want to connect to the computer. 

Go to your Bluetooth option from the computer and your computer will recognize the device and instantly allow you to make a connection. 

The most useful benefit of a Bluetooth dongle is it can be taken out when not in use and also you can use it on another computer without any hassle. 

Apart from using a Bluetooth dongle, you can also try to use an internal Bluetooth card but since this type of thing is a little hard to install and use, we’ll suggest you use a Bluetooth dongle. 

Note: Before buying a Bluetooth dongle, make sure you have a strong and advanced driver booster on your computer and you buy a Bluetooth dongle that supports at least version 4.0.


How do I convert a non-Bluetooth PC to Bluetooth?

You don’t need to convert, you just need to add a Bluetooth dongle or Bluetooth card to your computer to make your computer Bluetooth ready.

What To Do If I Don’t Have Bluetooth On My PC?

To know, go to your computer’s settings and search for device manager, click on it, there you will be able to see a Bluetooth icon if your computer has Bluetooth. 

Can I Install Bluetooth On My Pc Without A Adapter?

There is no available method that you can follow to install Bluetooth on your computer without an adapter, you must have to use an adapter. 

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Got your answer to the question of “How To Tell If A Computer Has Bluetooth”? The shared steps are quite simple to follow as you’re most likely familiar with using a computer. 

But if you’re facing any issues, we’re always open to helping you by answering your question!