How To Find Memories On Facebook

How To Find Memories On Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook is a part of your daily life, and sometimes you might want to see the memories you have shared in your past. 

If that’s right, you may ask the same question, how to find memories on Facebook? 

The answer to this query is relatively easy as the process is easy, and you don’t need to follow along guide to see your shared memories on Facebook. 

We’ve shared the guide for both the browser and mobile app, meaning you can follow the same guide if you’re a Facebook user from the mobile app or browser. 

How To Find Memories On Facebook

Remember that Facebook only shows individual posts or moments in your past days. Not all posts will be counted as memories. If Facebook thinks nothing is unique about you, you may not find anything in your memories.

How to Find Memories on Facebook App? 

  • Open the Facebook app and log into your account by providing the proper login information like username and password. 
  • Look at the three-dots icon from the right corner. 
  • There you’ll be to see many options like Friends, Group, Marketplace, Memories, and so on. 
  • Click on the Memories. As mentioned, Facebook will only show you some posts or photos if they think that something extraordinary things have happened in your life. 

Facebook memories

How to Find Memories on Facebook Via A Browser? 

If you’re a Facebook user from a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can see all your upcoming memories in one click. To see the memories in one click, you must be logged in to your account. 

Once you log in to your account, go to to access the Facebook memories page. 

How To Find Memories On Facebook From A Different Day

To find memories on Facebook from a different day, the first thing you will need to do is access the memories. Once you’re on the page, scroll down to find memories from different days and times.

You’ll see them in a post-view, and you can also see the date and time under your profile photo. 

How To Find Old Memories On Facebook On iPhone?

Finding memories on Facebook on android phones and iPhones is the same. Go to the app, click on the right-corner three-dots icon, and scroll down to find the memories icon. Click on it and see all your old memories from your iPhone.

Facebook Memories Settings

The memories feature on Facebook allows users to see their past posts posted at the same time or date in previous years. To access the memories setting, you can either search in the search box on Facebook or directly go to the setting from the three-dots menu. 

You can customize the setting to tell Facebook how often you want the notification from the setting.

How do I control memories on Facebook?

To control the setting of Facebook memories, you need to follow Open Facebook App > Click on the Three Dots Icon > Scroll down > Click on the Memories > click on the setting icon at the right corner.

Why can’t I see all my memories on Facebook?

When you notice you can’t see all memories on your Facebook, you can close the app and open the app again to check whether it works or not. If that does not work correctly, try to uninstall Facebook and Install again. 

The Benefit of the Facebook Memories Feature:

As you know, this feature primarily helps people to remind their old moments with their friends or family members they have forgotten about.

Just imagine that how useful this feature would be to see your past! It will suddenly take you back to that specific time to reconnect with your previous family members or old friends together. 

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You have learned almost everything related to the Facebook memories settings, and we hope your question of How To Find Memories On Facebook is apparent because of the shared guides.