How To Unlike Something On Facebook – From Mobile App & Computer

How To Unlike Something On Facebook

Facebook is a part of your life, and you spend a lot of time on the platform. But when you want to unlike something on Facebook that you previously liked, you may ask the same question.

How To Unlike Something On Facebook?

This post will be a helpful guide to provide you with a better idea about unlike something on Facebook so that you’ll not get any notifications or post suggestions from your liked page and post. 

You can unlike a post, page, comment, or photo by again clicking on the same place, meaning click again on the Like option of the post, page, or the comment you liked.

How to Unlike Page on Facebook?

You can follow so many options to unlike the pages you liked previously. But to unlike them, first, you have found them out. 

How to find Pages I like on Facebook?

You can either search the page if you remember the page’s name or open the Facebook app and click on the three-dots icon > Page Manager.

There you’ll see all the pages you liked already in a list view. The easiest way to remove the like from these pages is to click on the liked text. 

You don’t need to go to the page to unlike the page. Facebook will allow you to remove the likes from one page without reloading the current page. 

If I accidentally liked something on Facebook, then I unlike it.

This is a common thing that happens with most users on Facebook. Users accidentally like something on Facebook and then want to unlike that liked thing.

You can do it by going to where you recently liked something and want to remove the like. Click on the liked comment, post, or page. Once you click on it, the like will be removed, and the notification will be deleted as soon as you remove the like.

Note: If you remove the like, no one can track or monitor you to find who liked and removed the like.

How to Remove Like Fro A Page on Facebook (From Browser)

The process would be the same. Removing the like from a browser is much easier. Log into your Facebook account from any browser like Google Chrome.

From the search box, search the page’s name and click on it.

Facebook search box

Click on the like button to remove the like. Remember that if you already liked the page, you’ll see the button that says, “Liked,” not liked yet? The button will say “Like.”

Facebook page like button

How do you undo a like on Facebook on your iPhone?

For a Post, Open the Facebook app from your iPhone and go to the post you liked. Press your finger on the like option to undo the like. 

For a Page, go to the page you liked and want to remove the like, press your finger on the text “Liked,” and remove your finger. 

How do I remove a like on my Facebook photo?

Go to that photo you liked and put your mouse’s curser to undo the like from the picture on Facebook. From a phone, remove the finger by clicking on Like.

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Our guide on How To Unlike Something On Facebook will help a massive number of users of Facebook who don’t know how to do that. 

Although the process might seem to you quite simple, however, for the beginner, it can be a little complex. You can undo the like from any page, post, or comment you liked from the Facebook app or computer.