14 Reasons Why Can’t I Post On Facebook?

Why Can't I Post On Facebook

Facebook is a vast platform for social media users, but sometimes users encounter some common problems and look for an instant solution. 

If you’re one of them and asking why can’t I post on Facebook, here we have covered 15+ reasons and their solutions for you to overcome such a common issue. 

The most common reason is when Facebook notices you’re doing something wrong on their platform, they temporally stop your account. 

Another issue might be using the oldest version of the Facebook app or Browser to use Facebook. There are many more reasons besides these. Let’s discover more together and fix them. 

The Reasons Behind Why People Can’t Post on Their Profile

1. You’re Using Adblocking Software.

If you don’t like to see ads on Facebook and already use adblocking software on your mobile or Browser, these kinds of apps can create issues with your Facebook profile. 

These apps run the background on your device and work as an anime of Facebook to block ads. So when you try to upload an image or post on your Facebook account, the adblocking background running app or third-party app can stop you from doing that. 

So turn off the ad-blocking apps or browser extension to check the statutes. I hope it will work properly.

2. Re-Login to Your Account.

One of the most common solutions to the problem of why can’t I post on Facebook is to re-login to your account. It will give your Browser or mobile app the chance to reload the account’s information and connect your login details again with Facebook’s data server. 

If you’re a Facebook user from a browser like Google Chrome or others, Here’s how to do that: 

  • Click on the icon from the right corner.
  • Click on the Logout button.
Why Can't I Post On Facebook
Why Can’t I Post On Facebook
  • It will redirect you to the home page of Facebook.
  • Provide your login detail to log into your account again. 

3. You’re not uploading your original photo:

If you’re trying to upload an image with a lot of editing, Facebook may not understand your image and can stop your phone uploading process. 

An over-edited photo is not always preferable to Facebook’s algorithm to understand. So you can first try to upload the edited version of that photo and if you notice something is wrong, try to upload the original one.

4. Check The Photo Format:

Did you ever notice this thing while uploading a post on Facebook? According to Facebook photo posting guidelines, Formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF are the only suggested formats to upload. 

Remember that Facebook recommends all the mentioned image formats. If you upload an image with other structures, Facebook will not support that, and you’ll face the same issue again.

5. Check Your Photo Size:

Image size is another essential thing to consider when solving the issue of why can’t I post on Facebook. A large file is not an ideal size to upload on Facebook. 

Facebook says that every photo should be less than 15 MB. since we live in the digital age, and if you capture an image using the latest Camera, the photo size will be much more significant. 

You can follow some ways to keep the image size as lower as possible by using a website like imageresizer.com. The website will allow you to upload your photo, and once you upload the photo from your computer or mobile, it will be automatically compressed to less file size.

Then you can download the photo and upload the compressed photo on Facebook. Remember that the website only supports JPEG and PNG images.

6. Check your Support Inbox:

If Facebook notices you’re doing something wrong, Facebook can block your account for 30-60 days. Check your support inbox to see the status.

7. Clear Browsing Cache or Clear Facebook App Cache.

Clearing the Browser caching and cookies can be a great solution if you use Facebook from a browser and encounter the same issue.

On the other hand, if you’re using the app on your mobile device, you can clear the browsing data by setting> app/app management/ Facebook > Clear Data.

On the Browser, simply open it and click on the three-dots icon > History > Clear Browsing Data, select (All-Time), and finally, hit the Clear Data. 

Clearn browser data

8. Are You Using A VPN Service?

One of the easy ways to protect online privacy is by using a VPN service. As you know, every internet-supported device work based on a unique IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to access the internet. 

When you use a VPN service from a third-party company, they will help you generate a new IP address from their server, and your browsing history will be hidden as you’re not using your actual IP address.

But the problem is that since the address changes frequently, A good connection with the Facebook server will not be designated, which can cause multiple issues.

If you use a VPN either via your browser or on your mobile and facing the same problem while uploading a photo, try to turn off the service and upload the picture again.

9. Disable Thrid-Party Browser Extensions:

Browser extensions are great because they help you do many things quickly while browsing the internet. But the problem is some browser extensions can try to monitor your browsing activities and the website functions you’re currently visiting.

As a result, some functions of that Infected website can not work correctly to deliver a better user experience. If this happens with Facebook, you might not be able to post on Facebook. 

Try to delete all the extensions from your browser, and try again to upload a photo properly.

10. Update The Facebook App:

Are you a lazy mobile user like me who doesn’t have enough time to update apps? Updating the app can help you to fix the issue. If you have the Auto Update setting enabled, the app will be updated automatically whenever a new update comes.

If it is not done yet, try to enable the Setting or directly update the app manually from the App store. If you’re an Android user, you can go to the Google Play Store and update the app by searching Facebook and clicking on the Update button. 

The process will be the same for the iPhone users from the Apple Store. Just click on the Update button. 

11. Uninstall The Facebook App and Reinstall It Again:

If the update does not solve this problem, we have another easy way for you. Uninstall the app and reinstall it again. 

If you install the app again, the complete file will be downloaded to your mobile in mint condition. Uninstalling an app on Android or iPhone devices is quite an easy process. 

So do the job as your responsibility, and when the work is done, log into your account with the correct information and try again to post an image.

12. Check your Internet connection:

Are you using Mobile data while uploading an image on Facebook? Did you check how much do you have your internet balance?

If you’re not a wifi user, you have to check the balance. If you don’t have enough internet data, nothing will work on Facebook. Sometimes it is seen that wifi does not have internet. In this case, call your IPS and tell them to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

13. Check your account’s permissions:

When you first install Facebook and create an account, Facebook will ask you to allow some settings like your contact information, Gallery, and Camera. If you don’t allow access, you’ll not be able to upload an image from your mobile.

You can allow the permissions from your phone’s Setting. Open the Setting and search for permission. Click on the Facebook app and let all the permission, especially the Gallery permission. 

14. Try Another Browser.

Trying another browser should be the last option to fix the problem of why can’t I post on Facebook.

You have almost tried out all the ways we shared in the article, and unfortunately, neither of them worked. In this case, download another browser and log into your account. 

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We’re also daily Facebook users, like you, and frequently encounter many issues like today’s query, Why can’t I post on Facebook. 

The shared reasons and their solutions are entirely from our experience and expertise. Some hope these tips and solutions will work properly to fix the issue. If one key is not working, try another one.