WeTransfer Email Not Received – Why, Solutions & More

WeTransfer Email Not Received

You’re using WeTransfer as a file-sending tool and WeTransfer email not received, am I right? 


If you send a file to someone through Wetransfer and they do not receive an email to their address, there are a few possible explanations. 

I will discuss all the possible reasons behind the issue and also provide a deep guide based on Google’s guide on email not receiving issues.

In this post:

  • 5 Reasons Behind The Problem.
  • How Do I Verify Wetransfer?
  • Tips, Tricks, and More!

WeTransfer Email Not Received

WeTransfer Email Not Received - Solved
WeTransfer Email Not Received – Solved

Multiple things can be considered while you face such an issue with your WeTransfer account. If you find a problem, then it would be better to fix that particular problem. 

After long research, I have found 5 common reasons behind the problem that you can learn from below and know the solution as well. 

5 Reasons – WeTransfer Email Not Received 2022 

  1. Email not delivered: The email may not have been delivered to the recipient’s email address. 

In this case, you can check if the email was delivered to Google or not if you’re using the Gmail service. To check that: 

  • Go to the Google Admin console and log into your account using your administrator account. 

If you don’t have an account yet, check out this guide: Add a Google Admin

  • After logging in to your Google Workspace account, look at the admin console page. 
  • Then Reports > Email Log Search. 
  • Select the date range and in the search box, enter any data you have, and hit search.
  • Click on a subject under the subject tab to see details and your email delivery status.
  1. Check recipients’ email server: If you have shared a file with your recipient and the recipient is using an email service from a different company, tell the receiver to check their server to check whether everything is alright or not. 

Sometimes third-party email service providers can block emails from WeTransfer. So tell the receiver to check the current status.

  1. Inbox is full: The recipient’s email account may be full and this can a reason WeTransfer is not able to send an email to your recipient email to let them download the shared file. 

Tell the recipient to delete some unexpected mails from the account and refresh the inbox to let upcoming mail come into the inbox.

  1. Deleted the Email: Didn’t your recipient delete the email? The recipient may have accidentally deleted the email and that’s why WeTransfer Email Not Received by your recipients’ inbox. 

If they have accidentally deleted the mail, tell them to check the Trash folder because every deleted mail can be found on that folder within 30 days. 

  1. Check Spam Folder: Sometimes WeTransfer can be a spam type email sender and in that case, mails from WeTransfer can be found on your Spam folder. 

How Do I Verify Wetransfer?

WeTransfer is a simple way to send large files from one person to another. Files are transferred through an encrypted connection and there is no need to create an account to use the service.

However, if you want to be able to track the status of your transfers or share them with others, you will need to create a WeTransfer account. 

To verify your WeTransfer account, you will need to provide your name, email address, and country. 

You will also need to choose a password and provide a valid phone number. WeTransfer will send a verification code to your phone number. Once you have entered the verification code, your account will be verified.

If you’re still facing problem-related to “WeTransfer Email Not Received ”, you can contact WeTransfer at support@wetransfer.com. This is their official email address is that mostly used for customer support.

Is There An Issue With Wetransfer?

There is no definitive answer to this question as WeTransfer is a fairly reliable file-sharing service. However, there have been some complaints from users about the service not working properly, specifically with regards to sending or receiving files.

Is WeTransfer safer than email?

There is no authoritative answer to this question as the safety of WeTransfer depends on how it is used. However, WeTransfer is generally considered to be safer than email because it is less likely to be compromised by malware or spam.

Why Am I Not Getting A Verification Code From Wetransfer?

WeTransfer may not be able to send you a verification code if:
-You have already verified your account.
-You are not the account owner.
-You have not verified your email address.

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Final Words For You:

You’re not the only person who faces the same problem with WeTransfer, WeTransfer Email Not Received, Rather, people frequently ask the same question to get an ideal solution online. 

That’s why I have researched a lot of have shared some of the most common reasons and their solution.