(10 Steps ) How To Send Video Via Wetransfer?

How To Send Video Via Wetransfer

It doesn’t matter what type of file you want to share via WeTransfer, you’re always open to using their free 2GB file transferring facility. 

However, if you have a video file and want to know how to send video via Wetransfer to share that video with your business partner, friend, or family member, this guide can help you!

Key Takeaways:

  • You will be able to learn how easy it is to send a video via the platform. 
  • A practical guide with images.
  • How long does it take to send a video file via Wetransfer? 
  • And some hidden tips for sharing a file with someone else. 

What Do You Need To Send The Video Via Wetransfer?

Before you follow the guide, you must need the following things:

  • A video file
  • Mobile or computer
  • A browser installed on your computer or mobile
  • A good internet connection

Assuming you have all the mentioned things in your control and you’re fully ready to send the video file with the help of the world’s most popular online-based free file transferring platform. 

How To Send Video Via Wetransfer (From Computer)?

Shortly: To send video via Wetransfer, open the Wetransfer website and select your video > type your recipient email & your email > verify your email, and send the file.

Since I’m going to give you a guide from a computer, you can use your mobile and a browser. The process is the same. 

Note: Wetransfer also has a mobile app for iPhone and Android platforms. The app makes it much easier to send a file with less knowledge.  You can try the app as well.

Step #1: Open any of your installed browsers from your computer (can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera Web Browser). If you’re from MAC, you can use the Safari browser for the task.

Step #2: Search for “We Transfer” or directly type the domain name of the website (wetransfer.com)

Step #3: Go to the folder where you kept your video. If you stored your video on your desktop, create a separate folder and move the video to the new folder. It would be an organized way to send the video file via Wetransfer.

Step #4: Come back to Wetransfer.com and from the select folder option, click on it and select the folder from your computer where you saved your video.

WeTransfer upload files
Step #5: When you select the folder, the website will ask you to conform to the uploading. Hit the upload button.

How do I transfer a large video to WeTransfer

Step #6: After selecting the video folder from your local computer, the name of the folder will be visible on the top of the file-sending box. 

How do I send a link to a video on WeTransfer

Step #7: Type the email address of your recipient on the “Email To” field, and type your address on the “Your Email” field. 

You can also write a short description to tell the recipient about the video you’re going to send. And there is another field where you can change the name of the folder where you kept the file. 

Transfer Video Perfectly Via Online WeTransfer

Step #8: If everything goes well, click on the Transfer button. If you’re using your Gmail address for the first time on Wetransfer, they will ask you for a verification code. 

WeTransfer verify email

Open a new tab on your browser and check your inbox to get the verification sent by Wetranfer. 

What Does A Wetransfer Email Look Like?

When Wetransfer sends you the verification, you’ll get an email from noreply@wetransfer.com and the code will be 6-digits long, and it will be active for the next 60 minutes.Email example of We Transfer

Step #9: After successfully verifying the email, Your video file will start uploading there and depending on the file size, it can take a few times. 

Video uploading on WeTransfer

Step #10: As soon as the video is uploaded, you’ll get a success message from the website that will let you know that the file has been sent successfully to the mentioned email address. 

Successfully video shared via WeTransfer

Are you using MAC and facing issues while opening We Transfer on Your MAC? Read the solution here.

Points to know: Once you successfully upload the video and send it via Wetransfer, your recipient will get an email and they will get a downloadable link to get the file. 

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My Final Words For You: 

Since you’re going to use the free version of We Transfer, you’ll only get 2GB of space to upload files or folders. So when uploading the video to learn how to send video via Wetransfer, make sure the file size is less than 2,048 MB.