How Does Wetransfer Work? Everything Explained

How Does Wetransfer Work

You’re just using WeTransfer for a time and would like to know how does Wetransfer works, right? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a frequent or daily user of WeTransfer, knowing the working steps of Wetransfer can help you to have a better idea of the platform than a normal user. 

What You’re Going to Learn From The Post?

  • The working process of WeTransfer.
  • A brief about WeTransfer.
  • How to use it, the benefits, disadvantages, and more.

Keep reading the complete article till the end.

How Does Wetransfer Work? 

WeTransfer uses its personal most secure and rapid server to store user-uploaded files and then allow the recipients of the sender to download the file either via email or a direct downloadable link.

Since they don’t depend on others’ servers, users can get the fastest downloading and file-transferring opportunities in a single place.

Anyone can upload different kinds of files and folders and upload on WeTransfer, and then type their recipients’ email addresses to send the downloadable or file-accessible link in favor of the email.

Wetransfer also uses an automatic email service that helps people to verify their file transferring process and also get the downloadable link within a few moments.

Users don’t need to wait as the entire process is automatic. As soon as users send a file and verify the email, both sides will get a confirmation email. 

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What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a widely used large file sending place that people can trust to send their very personal files. 

It’s an online-based file-sending service that was established in 2009 by three people, Nalden, Bas Beerens, and Rinke Visser. 

All of their operations are managed from Amsterdam, Netherlands. By 2021, the current workers of the company will be around 300+ people.

Since the platform is totally internet-based, the company is able to make a smart amount of money from their customers by charging monthly.

Compared to Google Drive, not Google, Wetransfer is older and better in terms of only large file sharing and transferring. 

Benefits of Using WeTransfer:

There are countless benefits people can get from Wetransfer when it comes to using an online-based large/heavy file-transferring platform. 

Since WeTransfer offers three plans for their users, the benefits will depend on the plan you’ll select from their website.

Benefits Of Using The Free Version Of Wetransfer:

Users can send up to 2,048 MB using the free version of WeTransfer. There is no need to open an account to use the free plan. Users will only need to verify their email while sending a file

Benefits Of Using The Pro Version Of Wetransfer:

Users with the pro version of WeTransfer can send heavy files continuously, but the limitation is they can only receive and send files less than 200 GB. Users will get 1 TB of storage, 1 portal, and unlimited reviews. 

Benefits Of Using The Premium Version Of Wetransfer:

There is no limitation on the WeTransfer premium package. If you have the premium plan, you can get unlimited storage, unlimited portals, and reviews. However, the only drawback is the plan will charge $19 per month.

Weaknesses of WeTransfer:

  • The premium version will cost a smart amount of money. 
  • If you face any interrupting issues during downloading and uploading files, you’ll not find any option to resume the process. 
  • Your transferred files will expire after a certain amount of time. 
  • Sometimes, the email from WeTransfer can go directly to your spam folder.

How Long Do Files Stay On Wetransfer?

According to WeTransfer, if a user uses the free version of their service, they will only download one of their transferred files within 7 days, and after the mentioned time, the files will automatically be removed from the server of WeTransfer. 

I will highly recommend downloading or seeing the transferred file via WeTransfer as soon as you can to avoid the expiration chance. 

Since WeTransfer doesn’t keep any backup of the files used by free users, users will not be able to access the file after 7 days even they contact to WeTransfer and ask for downloading the files with payment (My Opinion, you can try it) 

Is Wetransfer Free?

There are three plans available at WeTransfer to use the platform as an online-based large file-sending place. 

  • Free: 2GB free file transferring, and no account creation is needed.
  • Pro: 200 GB limitation for only a $10 monthly charge.
  • Premium: Limitless transferring for only a $19 monthly payment.

Is Wetransfer Safe?

As far as they have been in the market, I haven’t heard any reports of user information being stolen about WeTransfer. However, you have to be cautious about what type of file you’re going to upload on the site. 

If the file is very personal for you, it would be better to use any manual transfer if possible because, in the past, a few cloud-based services have been hacked.

My Final Suggestion: 

Knowing how does Wetransfer works can be a useful piece of information to store in your brain if you have been using the website for a long time.

In the eyes of the most popular websites like getapp, tomsguide, and g2, WeTransfer is one of the best online-based large file transferring places that offer free and paid facilities. 

So there is no way to disagree with me that the platform is doing good for us and the world to save time and money as well!