Bitbucket Server Vs Bitbucket Cloud – Know The Truth

Bitbucket Server Vs Bitbucket Cloud

Are you a server-interested person who is always curious about knowing server-related stuff? If so, then you might be interested in knowing the topic of Bitbucket Server Vs. Bitbucket Cloud. 

From this article, you’ll know the difference between Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket cloud, what is Bitbucket server and could, and so on.

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Bitbucket Server Vs Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket Server Vs Bitbucket Cloud - Know It
Bitbucket Server Vs Bitbucket Cloud – Know It

In simple words, Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud are code collaboration and version control tools offered by Atlassian (An Australian-based software firm that produces outcomes for software architects, developers, and creators)

Bitbucket Server is simply a name of a self-hosted version control system that users can set up and operate on their own server, while Bitbucket Cloud is a hosted, cloud-based version control approach.

If we see their features, it is clear that both Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud offer features such as distributed version control, code review, and issue tracking that makes developers’ life much better. 

However, since the name is different, it is normal to have some key differences between the two products.

Key Differences Between Bitbucket Server And Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket Server is flawless for teams who desire the flexibility and the full authority of self-hosting their own code collaboration and version control system. 

On the other hand, Bitbucket Cloud is highly suggested for those or ideal for teams who want the convenience and ease of use of a hosted, cloud-based code collaboration and version control system.

What is Bitbucket Server?

As mentioned before, Bitbucket Server is a self-hosted Git repository server that supplies software innovators with a protected, confidential position to manage and collaborate on their written programs.

Bitbucket server is playing a good role in saving time and enhancing software developers’ productivity to track and produce products by keep tracking their codes point to point.

What is Bitbucket Cloud?

Bitbucket Cloud is considered a web-based version control repository hosting service acknowledged by one of the most reputed software companies called Atlassian. 

The service provider free accounts with unlimited secret warehouses/repositories and paid accounts with unlimited public and private repositories for the developers’ convenience. 

Who Should Use Bitbucket Server?

Bitbucket Server should be used by software developers and teams who need a self-hosted solution for managing their code. 

Who Should Use Bitbucket Cloud?

Bitbucket Cloud is primarily created for short- to medium-sized software development teams who require a dedicated, protected zone to store and share their code.

What is the difference between Bitbucket and Git?

Bitbucket is a web-founded server for assignments that use either the Mercurial or Git revision control systems. Git is an open-source distributed version control system designed for small to large projects with speed and efficiency.

What Is A Bitbucket Repository?

A Bitbucket repository is a cloud-based storehouse zone/place that lets people store their written code for their running or upcoming software development projects.

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