How to Get Icons for Bookmarks? Here is the Complete Guide

How to Get Icons for Bookmarks

Who doesn’t love to decorate their browser by showing the icons for their bookmarks? if you’re one of them, you may ask How to Get Icons for Bookmarks?

If you’re using one of the major browsers, you can show the icons of the bookmarked websites by adding the site address on the bookmark.

Here is the process:

How to Get Icons for Bookmarks?


If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, you can get icons for bookmarks by installing the “Bookmark Favicon Changer” extension.

Once installed, this extension will automatically change the bookmark icon to the favicon of the website that you’re bookmarking. This is a great way to quickly and easily distinguish between different bookmarks.

  • Go to the website from which you want to get icons for your bookmarks
  • Look for an icon or button that allows you to save the website as a bookmark
  • Once you have found the appropriate button, click on it and then select the destination where you want to save the bookmark
  • A dialog box may appear asking you to confirm your action
  • Click on the “Yes” or “OK” button to continue
  • The website should now be saved as a bookmark in your selected destination with an icon next to it

How Do I Make My Bookmarks Show Up as Icons?

If you want your bookmarks to show up as icons, you’ll need to use a special browser extension or bookmark manager. There are a few different ones available, so you’ll need to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Once you’ve installed the extension or manager, you’ll be able to customize how your bookmarks are displayed.

You can choose which icons to use and even change the order in which they’re displayed. Making your bookmarks show up as icons can help you organize them better and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Give it a try today!

Why Do My Bookmarks Not Have Icons?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few bookmarks saved in your web browser. And, if you’re like most people, those bookmarks probably don’t have any icons next to them. So, why is that?

Well, there are actually a few different reasons why your bookmarks might not have icons. One possibility is that your web browser simply doesn’t support bookmark icons.

While all major browsers do support bookmark icons these days, there are still some older or less popular browsers that don’t offer this feature.

Another possibility is that the website itself doesn’t provide an icon for its bookmark (Favicon). This isn’t very common, but it can happen from time to time.

Usually, when a website doesn’t provide an icon for its bookmark, it’s because the site isn’t particularly well-designed or maintained.

In addition to these, it’s also possible that you just haven’t set up your browser to display bookmark icons. In most cases, this is an easy setting to change and only takes a few seconds to do.

So, if you’re not seeing icons next to your bookmarks and you want to start seeing them, be sure to check your browser’s settings first.

How Do I Get Icons on My Safari Bookmarks Bar?

Where Do I Find Bookmark Icon?

Search for “bookmark icons” on an online search engine such as Google. This will bring up a variety of results, including websites where you can download bookmark icons.

Another option is to check out sites that offer free icon packs. These packs usually include a wide range of different icons, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Once you’ve found an icon pack you like, simply download the desired icons and save them to your computer.

Then, when creating a new bookmark in your web browser, you can use the “Choose File” option to select the icon file from your computer and add it to the bookmark.

If you want something truly unique, you could create your own bookmark icon using an online tool or graphic design program. This will require some effort on your part, but it’ll be worth it if you end up with an icon that perfectly represents your personality or interests!

Show Bookmarks As Icons Chrome

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you may have noticed that your bookmarks are now displayed as icons. This change was made in the latest update to the browser, and it’s caused quite a stir among users. Some people love the new look, while others find it confusing and difficult to use.

Personally, I think the new bookmark icons are an improvement. They take up less space on the screen and make it easier to quickly find the bookmark you’re looking for. However, I understand that not everyone feels this way.

If you prefer the old text-based bookmarks, there’s an easy way to change back to them.

Here’s how:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to “Appearance” and find “Show Bookmarks As Icons.” Change this setting from “On” to “Off.”
  • And that’s all there is to it! You should now see your bookmarks as text once again.

How to Make Your Bookmarks Only Icons on Chromebook?

If you’re like me and you prefer your bookmarks bar to be a sleek, minimalist row of icons rather than a cluttered mess of text links, good news! It’s easy to make this happen on Chromebook. Here’s how:

  • Open Chrome and head to chrome://flags/#bookmark-icons-in-launcher.
  • Enable the “Bookmark Icons in Launcher” flag.
  • Relaunch Chrome and voila!
  • Your bookmarks bar is now an icon-only paradise.

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So How to Get Icons for Bookmarks? Look, when you trying to bookmark a website, and click on the bookmark now button, it should bring the website icon as your bookmark icon.

You don’t need to set the icon separately. however, if you find the process is hard, you can watch the video shared in this article.